Jackson on Jones vs. Gustafsson II: Let's do it


When UFC light heavyweight Jon Jones had the toughest fight of his career vs. Alexander Gustafsson, the UFC wanted an immediate rematch. Jones wanted to fight Glover Teixeira, and got the fight, beating him at UFC 172 in April. Now the UFC is pushing hard for the rematch with Gustafsson, and Jones wants to fight Daniel Cormier.

On Monday Jones' trainer Greg Jackson appeared on The MMA Hour, and offered his thoughts on Jones vs. Gustafsson.

"Yeah, let's do it," said Jackson as transcribed by Dave Doyle for MMAFighting. "As long as you get here in enough time for camp. ... I would not fight him with one week of camp. But if he wants to get here and get going, absolutely."

"All I do is I hold the bucket and I get out. Malki, First Round Management, that's their deal and what they do on the business side is their thing. I'm not sure what's happening at all.

"Me, I'm like ‘here's the opponent, here's the best way we can beat them,' The only time I ever interfere is when they ask ‘should I fight somebody on eight days notice,' which is a math problem and I thought that was not a good idea. That was my foray into management."

"It doesn't matter, (Gustafsson and Cormier) are both so tough man. They're both just animals. Whichever one comes up, the important thing is for Jon to have enough time to prepare, to be ready. If you fight a Cormier or a Gustafsson, you gotta come in on the top of your game. So as long as he puts in a full camp and is prepared and ready to rock, I believe in him 100 percent. Both of those guys are so tough, one of the other, there is going to be no easy night on that one."

What do you think UG? Is this the closest we are going to get to a rematch?

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saemskin site profile image  

6/4/14 11:38 AM by saemskin

Greg Jackson looks like Gollums brother in that pic.please romo that!!

Tad Ghostal site profile image  

6/3/14 4:49 PM by Tad Ghostal


Kingtony87 site profile image  

6/3/14 4:49 PM by Kingtony87

Problem is if title fight was scrapped they can be forced to give refunds. Jones while backing out was "smart" for him really put him employer in a shit situation.

GodSaveTheReem site profile image  

6/3/14 4:41 PM by GodSaveTheReem

I have to agree, Hendo did his best to hide a serious injury and ended up throwing everything off. It is expected of a champion to defend the belt, but to do a bait and switch 8 days before the fight is more than a little ridiculous. He had every right to turn that fight down.

Jimmy Wrassler site profile image  

6/3/14 1:54 PM by Jimmy Wrassler

Im not a fan of Jones at all and think he was foolish to pass on the Chael fight.... but that was on the UFC for putting together such a weak card   Objectively speaking Hendo should take more blame than Jones (and that hurts to say)

Giventofly99 site profile image  

6/3/14 1:41 PM by Giventofly99

The parallels between this and Rocky continue.Controversial first fight.Hesitation for a rematch.Pic they took together at the hospital.Gustaffson walk out song is from Rocky 4 Soundtrack.Gus trains with former foe (Phil Davis).So accordingly, there will be a double knockdown. Gus will get up with one second left on the ten count. Later Gus will train Jones for his fight with a super human Russian...

MMAlurk site profile image  

6/3/14 12:25 PM by MMAlurk

Yea DC and Jones fought!! HOW did you miss this!?!?!?!?

FTUGTT_Mix6APlix site profile image  

6/3/14 12:10 PM by FTUGTT_Mix6APlix

I liked it better the first time.

BRZ site profile image  

6/3/14 9:37 AM by BRZ

DC and Jones fought already?

hendofanforlife site profile image  

6/3/14 9:33 AM by hendofanforlife

80% of the time it works all the time.