Arlovski: Glass-jaw talk is all bull---t


Both Andrei Arlovski and his UFC 174 opponent have been accusing of having 'glass jaws' or a week chin, but Arlovski doesn't buy it. Instead he believes it's just a circumstance of the heavyweight division:

Brendan Schaub‘s detractors say his chin is questionable, that he can’t take a punch from an elite striker. Former UFC champ Andrei Arlovski, no stranger to those types of criticisms, isn’t buying it.

“I think it’s all BS.” Arlovski told MMAjunkie. “People say I had a glass jaw or weak chin, too, and when I fought Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson, the referee fell asleep, and I had the broken jaw in the first round because the referee made a mistake. I fought the second and third rounds with a broken jaw in two places, and he didn’t finish me.

“I think it’s all bull—t. The heavyweight division, if you land a good, good punch in the right place, everybody is going to fall.”

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Doc T site profile image  

6/10/14 8:44 PM by Doc T

He took some impressive punches from Bigfoot and we have all seen what he can do when he lands.

C0NAN site profile image  

6/10/14 7:55 PM by C0NAN

Amir Khan is another good example. Is it that he has a genetically bad "chin?" Or is it that: he used to cut a lot of weight? Weight draining makes you more susceptible to losing consciousness. he gets sloppy sometimes and throws caution (defense) to the wind. he has slow visual reflexes (which is weird for such a fast twitch athlete, but Pacquiao has the same problem). he did not train enough defense.

C0NAN site profile image  

6/10/14 7:45 PM by C0NAN

The so-called "warriors" are able to strike in the pocket with more confidence, because they have the confidence of knowing that the reflexes are fast enough to dodge punches. The so-called "athletes" have less confidence, because they know from experience that the reflexes are not fast enough to dodge those punches. It has nothing to do with bravery. If I was Flash from DC comics, and I was fighting Mike Tyson, I wouldn't be scared at all. Why would I be scared? I could see Mike Tyson's punch within one gazillionths of a second, and he would never be able to touch me. That doesn't make me "brave," and it doesn't mean I have a good "chin." It just means I have fast enough visual reflexes to evade his punches. That is all. It's really that simple.

C0NAN site profile image  

6/10/14 7:38 PM by C0NAN

People get confused by all this talk about "chin" and "warrior spirit" just because the main striking weapon available to finish an opponent is a punch. if they were sword fighting, you people would be able to see things for what they are. The best sword fighters with the biggest balls don't win their place with "warrior spirit," they have the visual reflexes to see the blade coming faster than their opponents. Fists are misleading because they make people think there is some sort of warrior toughness in the best in-the-pocket strikers, that really doesn't exist. If they were striking with swords, everyone cuts the same and bleeds the same and dies the same, no matter what kind of "spirit" you think they have. They are more successful because they react fast enough to avoid letting the sword blade touch their skin. They don't "out warrior" the steel blade.

Bobby Lupo site profile image  

6/10/14 7:34 PM by Bobby Lupo

Think about when Arlovski gets in trouble. He goes into a retreat mode. Rogers and Sergei were able to get to him when he was mis-defending. It let to the TKO in the Ricco fight too. He got hit on the button and panicked, then Ricco GMP'd him Fedor, Sylvia and Rizzo hit him with shots that would kill an elephant.

King of Akron site profile image  

6/10/14 7:16 PM by King of Akron

I hate to use the term "glass jaw" when it comes to pro heavyweights and he is right when you are fighting big guys the risk of KO is way higher.BUT...He does tend to go lights out when hit on the button more than some.So whatever you call that is the term for it.

Devin Ratray's gf, WOOF site profile image  

6/10/14 7:15 PM by Devin Ratray's gf, WOOF

Read the previous and following comments. This isn't a "glassjaw" list.!!!

C0NAN site profile image  

6/10/14 7:07 PM by C0NAN

But then, there is the question. Is Fedor really more of a "warrior" than GSP, just because of his fighting style? IMO, no. I think it's clear GSP worked harder than Fedor. He pushed himself to the physical limit and embraced the daily grind with pure willpower. If Fedor had the same visual reflexes as GSP, the public would not see him as so much more of a "fearless warrior" because he would not have been able to execute in the pocket striking as well.

C0NAN site profile image  

6/10/14 6:53 PM by C0NAN

Exactly, Wladimir Klitschko is the perfect example to highlight where "aimed with V"'s statistics don't tell the whole story. On paper, Wlad is great at defending punches. However, he accomplishes it with using his reach to keep distance (similar to Jon Jones), and clinching (also similar to Jon Jones. The difference between Jon Jones and Wlad is that the clinch is a much more dangerous offensive weapon in MMA. If Wlad could follow up his clinch throws with ground and pound, he wouldn't get that same "boring" rep he has in boxing.

Bobby Lupo site profile image  

6/10/14 6:47 PM by Bobby Lupo

Rumble Johnson was so good at not getting hit in his last fight that he broke Phil Davis' will.