Bruce Lee KOs BJ Penn


EA Sports recently presented at E3 and gave media and fans a glimpse at it's new release EA Sports UFC. Watch as the legendary Bruce Lee finishes BJ Penn:

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Ashilles site profile image  

6/11/14 8:04 AM by Ashilles

Demo is a lot of fun as long as you play it like an arcade game more than a simReally like the damage on certain body parts. Good combos can change a fight quickly. The party and lean can actually work really well with footwork when u getthe hang of it. Shit that when u hold forward it modifies the punch. Means you can't step jab easily which is annoying. Big strikes are unrealistic as far as fatigue and damage but it is equal for both players so play more like an Mma tekken which isn't a bad thing as long as you adjust ur expectations. Subs are definetely weird but u can get the hang of it and the ability to change the sub helps a lot. Miss that chance though and subs are very hard to come byThe demo is only on easy though so real game might be a bit different. I play heaps of fight night champion (won the lightweight online aus title) an comparing the too is silly. Way different style. Blaze one and don't take it too seriously and can be a fuckload of fun

GregNoActionJackson site profile image  

6/11/14 7:40 AM by GregNoActionJackson

Sub for work

lilmanster site profile image  

6/11/14 7:34 AM by lilmanster

Right. Pick apart the technique of a VIDEO GAME but comepletely ignore the fact that a dead person is fighting BJ Penn.

MrColdCockIsGay site profile image  

6/11/14 7:14 AM by MrColdCockIsGay

Fight Night Champion was strictly boxing and look at how great that game was. Even though there was only boxing, EA used a fatigue system, counter system, dodging system, and a lot more. The people who made EA UFC traned just to make this game, the striking in the UFC game can't even hold FNC's jockstrap.The ground game is just button mashing and getting lucky, looks like the striking is too. This is a game that someone should get after the price has dropped more than half the original price.

Danawhiteshair site profile image  

6/11/14 6:34 AM by Danawhiteshair

Ahh after watching this it's not as bad as I thought but think a thq sequel would have been better.Idk how they made more arcady lol but they found out how.

BJTT_MrAntichrist site profile image  

6/11/14 6:13 AM by BJTT_MrAntichrist

I was hoping the last gameplay trailer was just weird or still in beta or something, but alas it looks like this game is just going to suck.

Roberto Silva site profile image  

6/11/14 5:29 AM by Roberto Silva

This.I felt the last developers were on the right tracks.I want a new UFC game to play with updated fighters, a few tweaks/improvements with better graphics and more realism than Undisputed 3 that is all.But I cant justify buying a PS4 unless this games amazing.

theoutsiders site profile image  

6/11/14 4:26 AM by theoutsiders

Are YOU retarded? Good fucking god.

James Vagabond site profile image  

6/11/14 4:25 AM by James Vagabond

Well at least I don't have to buy a PS4 now.

shin2chin site profile image  

6/11/14 3:13 AM by shin2chin

This is the first time i've seen itAgreed it looks pretty shit to me