Sonnen explains failed drug test


Earlier today it was revealed that Chael Sonnen failed a random drug test administered by the NSAC and was removed from his scheduled UFC 175 bout. Today Sonnen was a guest on Jay Mohr's radio show and explained himself:

Mohr: “You’ve failed a drug test leading up to UFC 175 which is in July but, why don’t you set the record straight right now of what happened….”

Sonnen: “They changed the ruling in Nevada earlier this year, doing away with the TRT, testosterone replacement therapy, and I was on that. So when they changed the rule, we all had to go through a transition phase. For me during the transition, I had to take a couple of things. One is called Clomiphene……and another is called HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). I didn’t fight it or ask for a license. In the interim, they did a test, and I tested positive for these things which I should have because I took them and they were in my system. That wasn’t a surprise. These aren’t anabolics, these aren’t steroids or performance enhancers, but they have deemed that they are banned substances. What’s interesting in my case is that we’re out of competition. These aren’t things that I showed up with on game day. This is out of competition due to a rule that they changed, so it’s an odd spot for me.”

Mohr: “So you were’t fighting when you tested positive for this thing that the Nevada State Athletic Commission decided was no longer legal. You took yourself out of the Octagon to get it out of your system, so why did you hand in a drug test if you weren’t fighting?”

Sonnen: “What happens is they do out-of-competition testing, and the lab that they went to is the USADA lab, which is the greatest lab in the world, but it’s a very sensitive test. We’ve done our own test, at our own labs and we thought everything was out of our system. These weren’t secrets that I took these substances, this is what you have to take coming off testosterone. They can handle it however they want. They can say that it makes sense or they can say they don’t like it. The confusing part is that for a non-anabolic, non-steroid, non-performance enhancing agent that is perfectly legal and that I need for a healthy life……essentially, they are saying you have to choose between health and sport. It’s very tough for me because I was very upfront about it being in my system. Why was it in my system? Because I took it! I’ve been taking it, and I had to take it because you guys (NSAC) changed the rules. I now have to go to a hearing and I have a fight in thirty-days. There’s no way the hearing will be before then. It’s just kind of a tough spot.”

listen to entire interview...

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Guaranteed Pics in Every Post site profile image  

7/31/14 10:37 PM by Guaranteed Pics in Every Post


CrazyJoeDavola site profile image  

6/10/14 8:51 PM by CrazyJoeDavola

Pretty knowledgable about this stuff. He'd be an idiot to come off constant TRT without using clomid and HCG.  Possibly for months..yeah.  

Yussarian site profile image  

6/10/14 8:46 PM by Yussarian

Thanks for clarifying, I started to doubt whether those substances were legal or not. I agree, it was reckless and damaging for Sonnen's career. I think we can expect a similar story with Belfort. It looks like both of them end up having to choose between their health and their fighting career. You can't just step off TRT without any synthetic help. At least he admits his usage now, and doesn't take the Bigfoot route. A grain of salt isn't unwarranted.

McSurly site profile image  

6/10/14 8:36 PM by McSurly

When it was legal to be on it?

56sav site profile image  

6/10/14 8:31 PM by 56sav

So he got popped for post cycle therapy due to them making TRT illegal? That BS, and should be taken into consideration.

Zekolas site profile image  

6/10/14 8:06 PM by Zekolas

This is BS; they banned TRT so Chael was complying with the rules and getting off Test. The only reason why those substances are banned is because people use them after they get off test; so when they show up in someones system it means they were taking test at one point and now getting off of it ; so it means that at one point they were on test what is usually against the rulesChael had a TRT exemption; so of course he would be on those; he had a legit reason. The commission gave him a Test therapy exemption; then banned it, so he was getting off of it.I seems like bureaucratic BS. Like when a kid brings a cake to school for their birthday and a knife to cut it then gets suspended for a "no weapons at school ban"

CowboysStuntDouble site profile image  

6/10/14 6:54 PM by CowboysStuntDouble

If it went down how chael is saying it did, then I find it hard to fault him here. He's right it's not a PED or illegal substance. If he can bring in those transcripts that he claims to have then I think this is all much todo over nothing

jzus14 site profile image  

6/10/14 6:54 PM by jzus14

it is logical if you been taking TRT for years it will take TIME to restart your system, this is a complicated issue for the commision, they just changed the rules. i wonder if chael or an athlete has grounds to suit the AC, you just cant turn the switch on your body's chemistry like that

MisterHawkeMMA site profile image  

6/10/14 6:38 PM by MisterHawkeMMA

Sounds ridiculous that the commission would make a ruling like that, and not leave a window open for PCT. Were they expecting everyone to come off cold-turkey? That would be the most harmful option.  They get so caught up in cheating that they forget that their job is to protect the health of the athletes. 

MattyECB site profile image  

6/10/14 6:15 PM by MattyECB

In fact HCG is involved in a diet a lot of ppl take. I also gave Siver shit when he was caught, but that was one of the few cases I felt bad and thought he might've honestly just gotten mixed up -- since he claimed to be taking the HCG diet from the advice of his trainer, not realizing it was a banned substance (despite HCG being OTC and legal).   Again, that would suck total balls, but Siver had no one, but himself to blame taking a banned substance routinely. Clearly Chael didn't just "roid" here, but it's more of the same shit from Chael, and I have a hard time giving him the benefit of the doubt, since I hated his reasons for TRT usage in the first place. I mean he was initially caught with a TE ratio of 20X so even if he had insanely low T of like 100, assuming he maintained the average ratio of 1:1 as most do, he'd have had to be roughly 3X the limit (taking a lot of assumptions here, but my point is for him to really just be thevictim of bad luck of circumstance, a whole shit ton of "unusual" events would have to be occuring... Unusual ratio, unusual lack of memory from the AC, constant miscommunication with Lindland and Kizer, high levels of ignorance in terms of TUE and banned substance protocol, him being one of the very very rare cases of early hypogonadism yet an ability to compete his entire life in high level sports, and just a shit ton of hispanic sounding Sonnen moments)   As I said, I'll need to see some real good hard evidence from Sonnen before I'm willing to get over this shit.