Twitter reacts to Chael's failed test


When Testosterone Replacement Therapy was banned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Chael Sonnen was one of a handful of of fighters under contract with the UFC. Sonnen underwent a medical program to wean himself from TRT, and restart the body's natural production of testosterone. Unfortunately, the drugs required to do so are themselves banned by the NSAC.

When a surprise, out of competition test revealed two illegal substances, Anastrozole and Clomiphene, his fight with Vitor Belfort at UFC 175 was cancelled. The NSAC will now decide what punishment if any to mete out to The Gangster from Oregon, if any.

And in the meantime, Twitter reacted.

 Kenny Florian @kennyflorian
One can't just come off of #TRT & be ready to compete. Isn't as easy of a process as people think. Medically ambitious expectation.

 Tim Kennedy @TimKennedyMMA
It's pathetic to see ALL these guys failing these "random" drug tests. The majority of guys are using. With random tests you would see it.

 Rosi Sexton @RosiSexton
In other news: bear defecates on tree-covered land; Pope linked to Catholicism.

 Luke Rockhold @LukeRockhold
Will Vitor even pass his test that is the question?

 Cody Bollinger @CodyBollinger
Let's just make two leagues. The juice heads who need PEDs and then the real athletes who just work hard without any PEDs. That's fair

 Ben Askren @Benaskren
Chael, Vitor and Wanderlei clearly all using, put them in a three way last man standing match. Seems fair to me.

 War Machine @WarMachine170
Wahhh, wahhh! All the pro athletes keep getting caught juicing, big whoop! Priests get caught raping, that's a bigger problem.

Fabricio Werdum
SONNEN: EU FUI PEGO NO DOPING 3 VEZES! E VC VITOR?hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!
(Translation: SONNEN: I was CAUGHT on DOPING 3 TIMES! And YOU VITOR? hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!)

MMA Roasted ‏@MMARoasted
Dana White just cut the NSAC.

 Brian Stann @BrianStann
Bottom line is that random testing is working! Details can be dealt w/ in hearings. Major advancements in sport’s testing

 Greg Savage ‏@TheSavageTruth
I love MMA, it's given me so much but that doesn't change the fact that it is embarrassing way too often. PED's are a problem, get it fixed.

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Gerkin site profile image  

6/12/14 3:01 AM by Gerkin

Then so be it! Get black Lorenzo on the horn!

Huey freman site profile image  

6/11/14 4:12 PM by Huey freman

I know, talk about sour fucking grapes.

MayorPirkle site profile image  

6/11/14 11:53 AM by MayorPirkle

It's funny how every single fighter (except maybe Roid Machine) claims that the majority of fighters are using, but oh no not them. Somehow they all know others are using? If I was using, nobody would know about it. Chael shouldn't have taken the fight until he knew he was clear and good to go. But what we don't know is how much pressure the UFC was putting on him to fight. Could be a case of him trying to be a company man and it biting him in the ass. Everyone in this story definitely has their fair share of the blame.

Bry Bry site profile image  

6/11/14 10:59 AM by Bry Bry

yeah, testing is working at eliminating some great fights...i mean, are we going to have to worry about half the roster being pulled before every event due to testing?how many guys are juicing in all honestly?half the roster or more? to the guys that have been juicing or that were on TRT, are their mma careers over?ive heard its quite difficult to get your test levels back to normal after extended test use ... what about Overeem, how has he been able to do it?

Bry Bry site profile image  

6/11/14 10:57 AM by Bry Bry

sarcasm intended..?i hope....

Pompei site profile image  

6/11/14 9:33 AM by Pompei

Well... Testing is working.

DJmixmasterMobbie site profile image  

6/11/14 9:28 AM by DJmixmasterMobbie

Brian Stann, and War Machine both make good points. Tim Kennedy is a doucheand lol at Rockholds tweet.

rydney site profile image  

6/11/14 9:14 AM by rydney

Not sure if you're correct, but if you are oh how the facts fuck up a good whine fest.

Calavaro site profile image  

6/11/14 9:02 AM by Calavaro

Says a lot about the fighters, doesn't it, when a fighter comes out and says it.

MMAFAN167 site profile image  

6/11/14 8:43 AM by MMAFAN167

Yeah n got rag doll by cor