Frankie Edgar: I'll give BJ a reason to quit


Australia is a long way from Vegas, but Australia's Submission Radio is one of the best programs in the entire sport. They recently caught up with Frankie Edgar ahead of his trilogy fight with BJ Penn at the TUF 19 Finale on July 6.

He began with why they want to fight.

"It's the competitive nature of BJ, you know. I'm a competitor myself, and I guess those wins that I have over him still sting on him, and he just wants a chance to get back at it," said Edgar. "My motivation is, I just want to get back to the title. You know, in order to do that I'm going to have to win every fight in front of me. And just the fact that I don't want to lose the third time out. I won twice, for sure I don't want to lose the third time out.

"A guy like BJ is especially hard - I think he's maybe been stopped once. You know, and that was really in-between a round, not even during a round. It's definitely going to be a big mountain to climb, but that is my goal. I'll try to give him a reason to quit, and maybe he'll kind of do it for me."

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Malvert the Janitor site profile image  

6/18/14 4:48 AM by Malvert the Janitor

You misspelled "tapped to strikes AND tapped to an armbar."BJ only quit once, friend. And he was standing between rounds, not on his stool. VU.

Thuglife13 site profile image  

6/18/14 1:50 AM by Thuglife13

LoL @ "Two Times"A 145lb B.J. is a deadly B.J.War Penn!

SporkChop site profile image  

6/17/14 8:40 PM by SporkChop

BJ would never quit on his stool. Voted up

Canooke site profile image  

6/17/14 8:37 PM by Canooke

lol I think he looks like a guy who is focused on his fight while some guy is trying to stick a banner in his ear.

Thomas Pickles site profile image  

6/17/14 5:14 PM by Thomas Pickles

Thomas Pickles site profile image  

6/17/14 5:13 PM by Thomas Pickles

in the rematch, I truly think BJ wasn't all there. there's a gif of him looking disinterested as fuck and his corner trying to put down his advertisement banner and BJ doesn't even notice that he's blocking it.

Lefthook33 site profile image  

6/17/14 4:43 PM by Lefthook33

Cruz, hoping that helps bj out a ton

Lefthook33 site profile image  

6/17/14 4:42 PM by Lefthook33

Bj has been training with

dubate site profile image  

6/17/14 4:07 PM by dubate

Bendo would never have been champ, BJ would have beaten him next and reigned for a few more years with an awesome KO of Maynard, then an exciting Pettis would have come in and retired a fat, sassy, and unmotivated Penn.