FIghtPass debuts new Fightography series with Frank Mir


Late last year UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta sat down with Gareth A Davies of the UK's Telegraph Sport and detailed the future of the company.

“You're going to see a transformation in our business going historically from where we’ve been operating like an events company. We’re going to transform into a true global media company in the sense that we are really the only entity out there who produces and controls the content.”

"When I first bought the company, the first thing I did was to download the WWE public files, not because I am a fan of wrestling in any way shape or form but they had a cool business model.”

“Event, live ticket sales, sponsorship, pay-per-view. That’s kind of who we wanted to be at the time. Today and moving to 2025 I want to be more like the Discovery communications. A global media company, create our own content, by selling sponsorships and commercials, and we further that by controlling the distribution point of actually owning the networks or having joint ventures, owing a portion of the network.”

“You've heard Dana say that… we can sell to Russia, to Africa, to Brazil, to America. It’s not like every sport, because they don't all translate. American football doesn't translate here and you know maybe cricket doesn't translate in the United States. But this is different.”

“People will watch baby seals in Alaska. Anyone. It’s interesting, whether you're from Alaska or you're from Africa, or you're from the Caribbean, it’s interesting programming.

"Nature is something we all understand, we all get it; it surrounds us every day. So we’re going from the old model, which we don't want to be associated with any longer, to a sports event promoter, into a global media company.”

A central element of the vision to become a global media company is Fight Pass, connecting the content owner directly with the consumer, with zero interference.

A new series on Fight Pass launches today called “Fightography.”

A filmography is a list of films an actor has appeared in. Fightography offers a retrospective of a fighter's career, including from the fighter's own point of view. Future profiles will include Kazushi Sakuraba, Chuck Liddell, and Forrest Griffin. The series opens with Frank Mir.

Mir discusses the holy f@$%ing $#!^ scene after he broke Tim Sylvia's arm and won the UFC heavyweight championship at UFC 48 on June 19, 2004.

As an aside, the hardcore fanbase is often unkind to Sylvia, but he had both his radius and his ulna snapped in half, and was adamant that he wanted the fight to continue. And Mir? Well, that is of course not the only arm he broke.

“You go out there and win the UFC heavyweight belt, and you do something in life that should be a great moment, and everyone is booing,” Mir recalled. “Even Bruce Buffer was thrown off and announced me as just the winner and not the new champion. I didn’t get any recognition. It was just a bad moment.”

Buffer detailed his regret to MMAJunkie.

“Right after the fight, the arguments started in the octagon,” said Buffer. “Part of my job in the octagon is making sure the fighters are lined up with the referee so one of them gets their hand raised while I announce the winner. But everyone was arguing, there were debates everywhere, and my producer in my ear didn’t have any more information than I did.”

“Did he tap? Was it really broke? Tim was saying he was fine and didn’t tap, so should the fight have been stopped? Did Herb Dean make a mistake? What was the ruling on who was the champion?

“I admit I made a mistake and announced him with ‘the winner’ instead of ‘And … new!’ and I still feel terrible about it. I was so caught up in the chaos in the octagon that I messed it up. I felt like I’d let Frank down and that I’d let the fans down. Part of my job is to enhance the moment for the fans, and I know a lot of fighters look forward to one day hearing ‘And … new!’ while they put on the belt for the first time – and I didn’t do that on that occasion.”

“I apologized to Frank once I realized my mistake; I think I tracked him down backstage after the show. He was great about it. He knew how confused everyone was in the aftermath of that fight, but what else could I do but apologize?

“I still feel horrible about it, but I’m relieved he won the belt a second time against ‘Minotauro’ Nogueira so I could give him his moment.”

To watch “Fightography,” and all of Mir’s 23 UFC fights, visit FightPass" target="_blank">

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