Pettis: Benson wants interim title??!? I took his belt in WEC AND UFC


UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis has not fought since August of last year. Although he says he could be ready to fight by August, after recovering from a torn PCL, Pettis has committed to coaching a team full of strikers at TUF 20. It will be 16 months between fights.

That has lead some lightweights, most notably Benson Henderson, to start talking about an interim championship bout.

Pettis is amused.

"I think it's funny," said Pettis as transcribed by Shaun Al-Shatti. "I beat Ben twice. Like, why is he even saying that? If he wants to consider himself the interim champ, we all know who the real champ is, so he can keep saying that. They're all pleading their case. They all want a title shot. Honestly, Ben is a great fighter. He's a great guy. I mean, I like the guy, it's just, I think I got his number.

"Ben is one of the best lightweights in the world. I'm just better. He won a belt in WEC. I took that away from him. He won the belt in UFC. I took that away from him.

"I beat him twice. So it makes it that much harder to hear him say anything."

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StreetFightingKing site profile image  

7/5/14 1:27 PM by StreetFightingKing

I like watching the animosity build up though, like Bisping vs Hendo. If they were retired fighters it'd be pretty anticlimactic to view the build up and then not see Bispings head come flying off his shoulders.

BJJkilla site profile image  

7/5/14 12:13 AM by BJJkilla

i hate how coaching TUF takes so much time away from fighters to get back in the cage. they should have retired fighters coach TUF like hughes and chuck to coach another season.

GriffinQ site profile image  

7/5/14 12:12 AM by GriffinQ

Fuck off Thiaguy

GriffinQ site profile image  

7/5/14 12:11 AM by GriffinQ

Oh, it's easy to do? Weird, why couldn't he do it to Bendo though? Didn't know this whole MMA thing was so "easy" and that guys could have just been beating Pettis by stifling him this whole time!

FTT site profile image  

7/4/14 10:49 AM by FTT

Kind of like when Patrick Roy chirped Roenick by saying "I can't hear him because I have two cup rings blocking my ears."

ChuteBoxYouUp site profile image  

7/4/14 2:42 AM by ChuteBoxYouUp

ExactlyThe last thing Pettis should do is rush a return (just because) and risk re-injuring his kneeThen what?Its irrational to hold injury against Pettis as a negative against himPettis needs to take his time and come back when hes 100% ready physically and mentally. We want to see the best Pettis. Heres an example of a fighter coming back to early from knee injury/surgery and it hurting them greatly ( Shogun against Forrest 1 and Jones) I only wish Shogun wouldve been given the time to properly heal

Josh_underground site profile image  

7/4/14 2:32 AM by Josh_underground

I don't think he gets injured anymore than most fighters do, I think he probably is just okay with pulling out and rehabbing his injuries, some fighters refuse to do that. Not knocking him at all, it just seems like a lot of the younger fighters are really thinking about longevity and overall health more than fighting as much as they possibly can.

UGCTT_xxzygotexx site profile image  

7/4/14 2:03 AM by UGCTT_xxzygotexx

Well, he's not wrong.

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

7/4/14 1:34 AM by ChaosOverkill

He would have fought by now too, if Dana wasn't obsessed with tying belts up on TUF.

Musashi site profile image  

7/4/14 1:26 AM by Musashi

Ben is a good fighter. He just isn't on the same level as Anthony.