WSOF 11 weigh-in


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doerksenfan site profile image  

7/4/14 8:03 PM by doerksenfan

I thought I heard that he had a really late flight to Florida, or some kind of mix-up. Possible factor?But yeah, Cody does look sucked in at 135. Even when he's hydrated he kind of looks like a lollipop, disproportionately large head on top of a smaller body.

Your Grandmasters Master site profile image  

7/4/14 6:37 PM by Your Grandmasters Master

Haha nice!

letsgobois site profile image  

7/4/14 6:37 PM by letsgobois

Cody Bollinger looked like he was going to die. I think he should move up a weight class, this missing weight thing is just fucking his career.

El Duderino site profile image  

7/4/14 6:08 PM by El Duderino

  So he gained 4 lbs in one hour because he was thirsty? I doubt that.  

JiuKaraKwonThaiKungDo Master site profile image  

7/4/14 4:49 PM by JiuKaraKwonThaiKungDo Master

This is correct

doerksenfan site profile image  

7/4/14 4:31 PM by doerksenfan

The event is definitely earlier than he was used to (therefore so are weigh-ins) but you'd think that wouldn't be an issue going in. Given Melvin's cardio issues, it still sounds like he's cutting more than he should.

donovese site profile image  

7/4/14 4:29 PM by donovese

Don't think he was talking about the time zone. The weigh-ins started at least an hour after they were scheduled to.

JoeMimic site profile image  

7/4/14 4:23 PM by JoeMimic

Yeah because he's never been in Florida before....oh what's that? He used to train in Florida with the Blackzilians?...alrighty then


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