Rousey coach: I love Ronda vs. Cyborg fight


Ronda Rousey appears have no serious threats in the UFC women's bantamweight division. There is a serious threat in Invicta one division up - Cris Justino. The hardcore fanbase often holds that Rousey and or the UFC fear a fight with Justino, assuming Justino can make it down to 135.

However, Rousey's head coach, Edmond Tarverdyan, appeared recently on The MMA Hour, and he was enthusiastic about the fight.

"Absolutely, I like that fight," he said, as transcribed by Luke Thomas for Cyborg" target="_blank">MMAFighting. "I love that fight. Ronda knows, I spoke to Ronda. I said, 'You knock out Cyborg any given day.' Ronda knocks out Cyborg. I believe even with one hand she fights Cyborg, she beats her.

"But that's an exciting fight. That's what I believe, but that's a great fight, yes. Cyborg is a swinger, she's tough. She'll let her hands go and then she'll get into a fight with Ronda and that's an exciting fight. But what I believe with my fighter is my fighter is the best in the world. I would love to see that fight."

"If they can make it happen. Let her come off that which she's doing and make it fair and square, come down, they know where Ronda is. I would love that fight. I think the fans want to see that fight. I think MMA fans in the world really want to see an insane striker go up against, I would say a polished, precise common striker. So let's do it. I would love that fight."

"Ronda is in the best shape of her life. Ronda's in her prime. It doesn't matter. We could take that fight next fight. We just gotta talk to the UFC and Dana and see what's on the table and we'll figure it out.

"Right now I can't tell if it should be the next fight or the fight after that, but she's ready to go."


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bshaw1979 site profile image  

7/9/14 9:34 PM by bshaw1979

I agree... Mcmann Is very tough. She will walk through girls on her way back.

jpm995 site profile image  

7/9/14 9:06 PM by jpm995

Cyborg has to fight Rhonda right away. It's too risky for her to fight Tate or any top 135'er if she looses the big ppv fight goes away.

HandyDarsh site profile image  

7/9/14 8:03 PM by HandyDarsh

I honest felt they rushed mcmann, not because they didn't want her to get too good or anything, but because they wanted to keep Ronda active and the division lacks depth.I feel like she could have had more time that's all. Imagine how good the fight could have been if she had more experience in the big show.

bshaw1979 site profile image  

7/9/14 7:58 PM by bshaw1979

I just think Mcmann given another shot or holm have the best chance at beating Ronda.

crumbs site profile image  

7/9/14 7:50 PM by crumbs

This is a stylistic match up nightmare for cyborg, you have a elite child prodigy in Ronda who's entire body of work is because of legit training and mastering of a martial arts with no shortcuts , vs a steroid dependent female who wasn't a child prodigy in anything, and who's body of work has a big steroid asterisk on it.Just look at there last mma fights, one puts on a masterful performance that truly shows she is something special, the other shows every skill she has is dependent on strength, and only strength, no one comes away from a cyborg fight saying "my god that clean, crisp striking" .... Never.Of course her coach likes this fight, and yes, I don't blame them for wanting cyborg to come down to 135, why give the steroid athlete any advantage, not that it matters , cyborg has never put anyone to sleep in her career, I see Ronda getting a clinch on her at either 135 or 45 regardless, leading to a arm bar or a facial reconstruction.

man meets tate site profile image  

7/9/14 7:10 PM by man meets tate

ronda would absolutely whip cyborg at this point glad to see public opinion coming around

XxLiveBaitxX site profile image  

7/9/14 7:09 PM by XxLiveBaitxX

The real question for proponents of a Rousey-Cyborg fight, especially with Taverdyan's claims of a Rousey KO is,Would Ronda have been able to absorb Jorina Baar's strikes as well as Cristiane? No fcukin' way.

NFABeeJay site profile image  

7/9/14 5:40 PM by NFABeeJay

This^^If Ronda gets in trouble in the clinch she's gonna go into default mode like a wrestler does. She is going to get in Judo mode and get that fight to the ground. I know plenty of wrestlers that get rocked and muscle memory(aka their comfort zone) sets in and they shoot a double or try to anyways. Luckily for Ronda her muscle memory will help her go from clinch to the ground anyway possible which isn't where Cyborg wants to be with her.

Billyz site profile image  

7/9/14 5:32 PM by Billyz

Mcmann is a silver medal Olympic level wrestler regardless of if women wrestling is less competitive she is a serious grappler who had the ability to at least hold off Ronda for a bit and competitive with her in the TD department.Plus the fight was so damn short and Ronda finished her off of a failed throw attempt anyway just showcasing the transition skills she is developing. Also even if Cyborg does "hit harder" in the clinch I dont think it will be enough to hurt Ronda sufficiently for her to not have her bearings about her to toss cyborg. Watch Cyborgs fights when she flurries to clinch to flurry, fighters have been able to stymy the onslaught and disengage. Ronda I think she will look for it and use it against Cyborg to gain top control.

Lazer MMA site profile image  

7/9/14 12:16 PM by Lazer MMA

Knowing very little about the girls, I'd guess this too.I guess she finally thinks she is ready (@ 135). She fought at 154 in the olympics and at 45 in MMA. She said she'd fight Carano at 45 but not Cyborg.She says she's better than men.......