Mark Bocek on women fighting men

by Kirik Jenness |

A discussion recently took place on the UG, sparked by a four minute 2011 video of Ronda Rousey working takedowns with Gegard Mousasi. It takes place when Rousey was just beginning MMA, but after she won an Olympic bronze medal in Judo.

While the middleweight Mousasi is not working as aggressively as possible for the takedown, neither is he rolling with the bantamweight Rousey in a give and take. Rousey was repeatedly not able to stop Mousasi's takedowns.

The video led to an extended discussion on the UG, that included UFC lightweight Mark Bocek, who is firmly of the belief that a trained woman cannot beat a trained man in MMA.

From:Mark Bocek's Stats">Mark Bocek
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What a waste of time for Gegard, must be a nice guy...

From:Mark Bocek's Stats">Mark Bocek
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Maybe you guys are not getting this, let me explain... When I wrestle with a female Olympic silver medalist in wrestling, it feels like wrestling with a 12 year old... You think a woman will beat a man in a fight? Lmao!!!

Why not just say Sara McMann since she's clearly the "12-year old" in question given her resume and the time she spent training at Tristar?

From:Mark Bocek's Stats">Mark Bocek
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I'm not referring to Sara McMann, I have never trained with her, I'm also a fan of Sara.

From:Mark Bocek's Stats">Mark Bocek
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I take it most of you have never trained with a female, otherwise this thread wouldn't even exist lmao...

The fact remains of course that except for a rare freakshow fight in Brazil, men and women compete in separate divisions, as do for that matter bantamweights and middleweights. Ronda Rousey is the most dominant champion in the UFC, and one of the biggest stars, and that is good for the sport.

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4whatitsworth site profile image  

7/16/14 7:50 PM by 4whatitsworth

Bravo! The illusion is being upheld for the uninformed and women. Everyone else is just snickering inside at the ridiculous notion. It's a special fantasy to appeal to the idea of equality of the sexes, because angry women will withhold pussy if men don't keep up the charade. And the Cyborg post - Tito could actually end her. Also, she was loaded with MALE hormones. In other words, she had to have more testosterone than probably 10 average guys to pull off some power move on a grown man, which he could have shut down at any time.

C0NAN site profile image  

7/16/14 5:20 PM by C0NAN

Lol, not sure if serious.

Argo site profile image  

7/16/14 4:25 PM by Argo

There are some Russian special forces chicks that would not just beat Bocek's ass ... but leave him laying dead.

Kostakio site profile image  

7/16/14 2:25 PM by Kostakio

Why did you put Charlie in quotes? Are you suggesting he's not real? What do you know, man? Speak up!

trainhardtwoin site profile image  

7/16/14 2:22 PM by trainhardtwoin

It's not so much of a fantasy. I used to believe that women couldn't beat up men. Until I've seen a whole bunch of fights where women beat up men.Usually whenever men are the same size as the women. A woman is capable of beating them. It's very possible. Now it's different comparing women to UFC standard men, but Mayweather is not UFC material.

Jimmy Recard site profile image  

7/16/14 12:58 PM by Jimmy Recard

I've been wondering this too

Steven Mains site profile image  

7/16/14 8:18 AM by Steven Mains

Lol at this thread. I am assuming alot of the people claiming Ronda would beat some men in the equivalent weightclass have clearly never trained, never mind trained with woman.

YouCantHandleMyRiddum site profile image  

7/16/14 8:15 AM by YouCantHandleMyRiddum

But could Ron DaRousey beat Floyd Mayweather, in a streetfight... on concrete, though?

JustAnotherMMAFan site profile image  

7/16/14 7:21 AM by JustAnotherMMAFan

You can assume she'd get demolished very fast.

geezar site profile image  

7/16/14 7:09 AM by geezar

I don't have time to read all posts...So can I assume Rousey beats Barao if they faught or what?I am confused