UFN 45 performance bonuses


UFC Fight Night 45 Performance Bonuses

$50,000  Fight of the Night
John Lineker defeated Alptekin Ozkilic by TKO (Strikes, Round 3, 4:49)

$50,000 Performance of the Night
Donald Cerrone defeated Jim Miller by KO (Kick, Round 2, 3:31)

$50,000 Performance of the Night
Lucas Martins defeated Alex White by KO (Punch, Round 3, 2:08)

If you owned the UFC, who would you have given them to?


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CindyO site profile image  

7/17/14 8:59 AM by CindyO

Great night of fights!Cindy

time traveling 12er site profile image  

7/17/14 2:41 AM by time traveling 12er

These are only the official bonuses. Supposedly Leslie Smith got a nice bonus. There are probably going to be lots of extra bonuses going around tonight, there are some cards where every single fight on the card was worse than every fight on this card.

CardinalAqua site profile image  

7/17/14 2:41 AM by CardinalAqua

https://twitter.com/danawhite/status/489564833914683393 Dana White "WOW @LeslieSmith_GF is nasty!!!!! @FOXSports1 great prelims so far" https://twitter.com/LeslieSmith_GF/status/489578551067152384Leslie Smith "@danawhite @FOXSports1 Was it bonus worthy!? #UFCFightNight"https://twitter.com/danawhite/status/489630700560072704Dana White "@LeslieSmith_GF yes it was!!!! Bonus for u for SURE"maybe they all got bonuses? lets hope so!

Sloppy Single Leg site profile image  

7/17/14 2:29 AM by Sloppy Single Leg

Too bad for Barboza, Smith, Procter and Sterling for missing out. So many were deserving on this card.

gum989 site profile image  

7/17/14 2:20 AM by gum989

Really? Nothing for Barboza?

Guaranteed Pics in Every Post site profile image  

7/17/14 1:11 AM by Guaranteed Pics in Every Post

Cant really argue with how the fights went tonight bonuses must of been hard to give out.However if I could pick, Id switch it out and give Lineker POTN and give Martins vs White FOTN.

Arecsa site profile image  

7/17/14 12:58 AM by Arecsa

Been a good year for Cowboy, must have racked up $600k or so with his wins + bonus money.

dubate site profile image  

7/17/14 12:56 AM by dubate

OTN bonuses were spot on, but pretty much every fighter deserves some cash for delivering on this card.