Belfort: 'No more TRT. Now, it’s TNT'

by Kirik Jenness |

Vitor Belfort is currently off Testosterone Replacement Therapy and fights Chris Weidman for the middleweight championship at UFC 181 on Dec 6. Belfort appeared recently on The MMA Hour, and said the lack of TRT will not stand in his way.

"I’m strong," said Belfort as transcribed by Guilherme Cruz for "I’m ready to take what’s mine. December 6.

"I’m like an animal. TRT doesn’t give you spinning kicks, uppercuts. You can put TRT in your body. Look all those guys that were on TRT, they didn’t have good performances. Why? That’s the question."

"First of all, I didn’t have any illegal substances in my body. Nothing was wrong. Everybody knew I was in TRT. Nevada knew it. I could have denied (to do the random test) because I wasn’t licensed back then and they asked me to do it. People made it become a big issue. I’m glad it’s no more.

"People talked that I was this and that, (saying that) I was on steroids. I wasn’t on steroids, I was doing TRT. I had no illegal substances in my body. I was clear. I opened all my tests. I used to do tests every week to see how my levels were. When you’re true to yourself and don’t try to cheat the system.

"A lot of guys, they just talk. I deal in a true way, open up my personal things. When you’re in treatment, your ratio goes outside and it became a big issue. I wasn’t cheating at all. I spent a lot of money in testing myself. It is what it is. It’s gone. No more TRT. Now, it’s TNT."

Host Ariel Helwani asked Belfort is he needs to win to prove that the unprecedented three head kick KOs weren't just the result of TRT.

"You’re using the wrong word, Ariel," said Belfort. "It’s not I have to, it’s I want to. When you transform you have to want you, your life is transformed and everything seems different. I cannot control the outcome, the crowd, the UFC, the commission, test, anything. The only thing I can control is my decisions.

"I want to. I don’t have anything to prove. I am who I am. Nobody can change that. Only you can change you. That’s how Vitor Belfort gets things done."

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BJJgod site profile image  

7/29/14 12:13 PM by BJJgod

Man how quickly you guys eat your children. I remember after Vitor TKO'd three guys in a row with his spinning black kick, you guys, led by Dana, kept saying "TRT didn't do that".

cheesesteak site profile image  

7/29/14 11:16 AM by cheesesteak

      Doe anyone remember RITC Vitor????? This was Vitors first and last time going au natural with just jesus on his side. It was the low point of his carrer.     Unenhanced Vitor = Weidman in the 1st

I Came I Saw I Lurked site profile image  

7/29/14 8:44 AM by I Came I Saw I Lurked


Nah Dude Fk That site profile image  

7/29/14 7:36 AM by Nah Dude Fk That


Joey_Diaz_Army site profile image  

7/29/14 3:56 AM by Joey_Diaz_Army

This. Exactly what I was thinking. And those lindland/franklin ko's were brutal. Not very many times rich has been caught flush or ko'd like that in his awesome career. Trt hendo didnt do it.

Spack site profile image  

7/29/14 1:24 AM by Spack

I think the story here should be that Vitor admits to juicing to the gills when he isn't licensed to fight, or doesn't have a fight lined up. To paraphrase, "It goes over the limit sometimes, it goes under the limit sometimes." Sure, if this is his philosophy, he's got nothing to hide from his admitted blatantly failed drug test.The effects of TRT are long lasting, and he is surely still enjoying the benefits of being able to train at a super-human level for a long period of time.

Il Duce site profile image  

7/29/14 1:10 AM by Il Duce

It's like a shell game.

MTH site profile image  

7/28/14 11:48 PM by MTH

This of course follows that goofy, oiled-up Instagram video. I think he's going out of his way to try to convince other fighters that his going off TRT is no big deal, and that he's somehow "better" or just as good. That's just not plausible, IMO. I think Rockhold is right--for one reason or another, Belfort doesn't make it to the cage. We shall see.

dn10680 site profile image  

7/28/14 11:28 PM by dn10680

other athletess have access to hgh.

FallonFox209_fan site profile image  

7/28/14 11:24 PM by FallonFox209_fan

Yes he does. I have no interest in this fight. I would rather see Luke and Mike get a rematch against TRTless Vitor.