Tito Ortiz: If you need TRT, get out of the sport


Tito Ortiz was asked in a recent interview about Therapeutic Use Exemptions for Testosterone Replacement Therapy. TUEs are now gone from the sport, but Ortiz weighed in bluntly.

"If guys need to use TRT they need to retire," said Ortiz. "Get out of the sport. I'm 39 years old, I've never touched any of that stuff. Why would guys get an opportunity to not play on an even field? If you're going to compete, fight for what you can fight for. And not make supplements to make you a better fighter, to fight stronger, fight harder.

"I mean what type of example are you trying to set for our kids, who are fans, who are watching this sport? That it's OK to take shortcuts to be a fighter? We should never do that. If they don't let it happen, it's great. Random drug testing I think they should do as much as possible.

"It's just one of those things. Don't look for short cuts. If you can't fight any more, retire."


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chawkins site profile image  

8/1/14 8:06 PM by chawkins

Once again, TRT is misunderstood.I hear this same argument made again and again and again. And it makes no sense to me. When something on your body is broken, you should be allowed to fix it.We don't tell fighters with asthma that they're not allowed to use their inhaler.We don't tell fighters with worn-out knees that they can't get them fixed.So why are we telling fighters with broken endocrine systems that they can't get it fixed? It's all the same.

46and2degrees site profile image  

8/1/14 5:20 PM by 46and2degrees

I agree with Tito on this one.

xsrg95 site profile image  

8/1/14 5:00 PM by xsrg95

tito is badass. he should have been in the ufc game.

torquemada site profile image  

8/1/14 4:56 PM by torquemada

I've never seen him inject, so I won't say I know he did. But I have a very hard time believing him.

BackOffWarchild site profile image  

8/1/14 4:54 PM by BackOffWarchild

Bingo.  And Tito is only 39 right now.  His body fell apart exactly when a normal, non-abusing athlete would start to see serious physical decline.  There has never been even a shred of evidence that Tito has abused steroids or testosteron supplements.  There has never been circumstantial evidence, either. 

BackOffWarchild site profile image  

8/1/14 4:51 PM by BackOffWarchild

Except Tito was retired at that point.  That was late May, 2013.  Tito retired after his loss against Forrest Griffin in July 2012, and did not make his return until a full year after the Jenna episode, May 2014. And some people in this thread are confusing TRT/TUEs with HGH.

esque site profile image  

8/1/14 4:47 PM by esque

Correct, hGH is never legal for pro athletes.

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

8/1/14 4:47 PM by ChaosOverkill

"How many test has he failed.."   Do we really have to get the Lance Armstrong pics out on this? (yes he failed tests, however no one knew until he was exposed)

Hurl site profile image  

8/1/14 4:45 PM by Hurl

Well TRT and other steroids helps fighters recover from injuries much faster so its safe to assume Tito never really used since he always had injury problems. Vitor used to be injury prone as hell but it miraculously stopped once he got on trt

The Sultan site profile image  

8/1/14 4:44 PM by The Sultan

Is this true?It wouldnt be the first time someone came out strongly against TRT and then got caught a lil ways later.