Death in Argentina from a takedown in a Guillotine

by Guilherme Cruz | source:

At the end of March, Franco Lescano, age 30, died of multiple fractures suffered during a workout in Argentina. "The boy left the gym quadriplegic and died 21 days later," says Eduardo Duarte, who runs academies in Argentina, to TATAME.

 According to the local press, the athlete had been training at Tiger Gym for his pro debut when he got injured. The blow caused fractures to two vertebrae, leaving him quadriplegic. "What I could understand, talking to people who were there, is that the guy was doing the double leg, took a guillotine and fell upon his neck, but nobody knows for sure what happened," said the Brazilian.

 With the death of the athlete, the Argentine press began to criticize the sport. "They got pretty tough, they said that was a barbarism, compared it to gladiators. They said that the MMA is one piece of thing without any rules and inside a cage, so that participants cannot escape and also said it doesn’t have a judge nor rounds, that is a struggle until one gos down. It was pretty ugly”, he explains.

 The athlete who was training with Franco Lescano as the time of the accident, the Peruvian David Zalacar, is being charged of second degree murder. The family of the dead athlete accused the academy of negligence, Tiger Gym, and the organization that governs the sport in Argentina revealed that the academy did not have authorization to work. "It is an academy of a guy who does not know what he was doing," complains Eduardo.

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This is at least the second known paralyzation from the identical scenario. Trainers, fighters, referees, and officials may want to take note that driving into a double with the head in a Guillotine can be horrifically injurious. With more details on the exact nature of the injury, steps can be taken to prevent further occurences.



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jiujitsu100 site profile image  

4/24/10 8:52 AM by jiujitsu100

By the way I just read that the dude over cranked the guillotine like crazy and put all his weight on the neck, at least that is what the press is saying

jiujitsu100 site profile image  

4/24/10 8:50 AM by jiujitsu100

I live in Argentina, this has caused a huge shit storm down here. I think the guy is getting charged with murder as a backlash to the media storm here. Sucks to be him.Strangely as this place borders Brazil, MMA and BJJ is very backward here, I think there are 2 black belts in the whole country. They teach BJJ where I live in Mendoza in a very strange way, ego driven McDojo basically. And in a country where no one knows what they are doing injuries are bound to happen.Sad for the family, so sad, what a tragic accident. At least I hope it was an accident.

er095 site profile image  

4/24/10 8:08 AM by er095

Seen something like this in a NJ tourny. Guy goes for a double and got caught in a guillotine. The guy who has the guillotine locked then drives forward full speed. Guy in the guillotine falls backward with the other guy still holding the guillotine on him falling to the ground. guys neck snaps and had no movement . Had to be taken out on a stretcher. Dont no what happen to the guy but I was disgusted with the guy who had the guillotine. It was no reason to drive forward like that when u got the choke. It was no way for the guy to keep his balance.

MahatmaPetey site profile image  

4/24/10 3:14 AM by MahatmaPetey

Keep us posted on your debut.

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4/24/10 3:10 AM by LilBrockonmychest must really be a badass huh?

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4/24/10 3:09 AM by SOO72


Milford Cubicle site profile image  

4/24/10 3:07 AM by Milford Cubicle

fucking pussies on this forum, "Ban" "Ban" "Ban" If I was in MMA, I know I would be risking my life every time I step into the fucking cage.

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4/24/10 3:04 AM by SOO72


LilBrockonmychest site profile image  

4/24/10 2:44 AM by LilBrockonmychest

 lol +1...and I'm pretty sure that isn't Riggs and Diego, hence the fact it's titled "BATMAN's SPIKING OF CAMOES & The Unified Rules"

mmmtbjj site profile image  

4/24/10 2:28 AM by mmmtbjj

the period key is right underneath the L and semicolon (;) keys, FYI.