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In March 2008, Mixed Martial Arts LLC. was selected by the Association of Boxing Commissions as the only Official Certified Database for Mixed Martial Arts. You are now at the only Official record in the sport.

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Latest Event Results

09/20 - PA CAGE FIGHT 19

  • To Be Decided (Samuel Strausser VS Adken Torchia)
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09/20 - Ultimate Reno Combat #48

  • To Be Decided (Johan Nevlida VS Joshua Adams)
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09/20 - Fight King RMFC "Gladiators"

  • To Be Decided (Devin Black VS Julian Ruiz)
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09/20 - Legion Combat 19 "Reloaded"

  • To Be Decided (Braden Erdman VS Ronald Francescato)
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09/20 - Fall Brawl

  • To Be Decided (Fernando Sanchez VS Dalton Dennison)
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09/20 - Attitude MMA Fights III

  • To Be Decided (khristian harrell VS Jimmy Gallaway)
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09/20 - Six Corner Collision

  • To Be Decided (Zak Hatman VS Orell Fisher)
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09/20 - Survivor Fighting Alliance 1

  • To Be Decided (Michael Vassar VS Sharky Slyter)
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09/20 - NAFC "Uprising" MMA Fighting

  • To Be Decided (Darrell Martinez VS Jearl A. Williams)
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09/20 - UFC Fight Night Tokyo: Hunt vs Nelson

  • To Be Decided (Roy Nelson VS Mark Hunt)
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