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In March 2008, Mixed Martial Arts LLC. was selected by the Association of Boxing Commissions as the only Official Certified Database for Mixed Martial Arts. You are now at the only Official record in the sport.

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Latest Event Results

08/30 - Festival de Lutas - CUFA

  • To Be Decided (Diego Silva VS Jonathan Barbosa)
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08/29 - Iowa Challenge 119

  • To Be Decided (Cesar Mercado VS Adam Caviness)
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08/29 - Absolute Action MMA 43

  • To Be Decided (Thomas Kirkland VS Zachary Stacy)
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  • To Be Decided (darryl jenkins VS Chris Becker)
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08/29 - Showdown At The Stateline

  • To Be Decided (Quentin Malby VS Kiwi Rodriguez)
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08/29 - Cage of Honor 66

  • To Be Decided (Jordan Brackins VS Dalton Knight)
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08/29 - Pinnacle FC 11

  • To Be Decided (Brian Hauser VS Justin Patton)
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08/29 - Rocky Mountain MMA 11 FIST OF FURY

  • To Be Decided (Salina Rowland VS Rebecca Palazzolo)
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08/28 - Boys&gilrs club

  • To Be Decided (Terrell Thomas VS Nate Flanders)
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08/28 - Mitchell Productions

  • To Be Decided (Jason Adams Jr VS Richard Vandall)
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