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In March 2008, Mixed Martial Arts LLC. was selected by the Association of Boxing Commissions as the only Official Certified Database for Mixed Martial Arts. You are now at the only Official record in the sport.

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Latest Event Results

05/30 - Turf Wars 25

  • To Be Decided (Eli-John Kaindu VS TBD)
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05/30 - World Fighting Federation 21: Wild Horse Pass Casino Fights

  • To Be Decided (Paris Stanford VS Tyler Bell)
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05/30 - Shamrock FC: Charged

  • To Be Decided (Timehin Babalola VS Ryan Sutton)
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05/30 - Miller vs Peel

  • To Be Decided (Manual Trujillo VS Rodney Shafer)
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05/30 - Atlas fights 25

  • To Be Decided (Jason Knight VS Thiago Moises)
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05/30 - Full Contact Productions: Caged Chaos 7

  • To Be Decided (Zabi Abdiani VS Audey Ashkar)
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05/30 - Capital City Cage Wars - Summer Slam II

  • To Be Decided (Luke Nicholson VS Mathew Vincelette)
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05/30 - UFC Fight Night 68: Alves vs Condit

  • To Be Decided (Thiago Alves VS Carlos Condit)
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05/30 - Dead Serious MMA 15

  • To Be Decided (Hamsel Burgos VS Michael Dessino)
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05/30 - Cagezilla Fighting Championship 35

  • To Be Decided (Scott Noble VS Jonathan Liggans)
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