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Latest Event Results

11/22 - UFC Fight Night # 57: Swanson vs Edgar

  • To Be Decided (Doo Choi VS Fenix Puig)
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11/22 - Atlas Fights

  • To Be Decided (Jason Knight VS Michael Roberts)
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11/22 - Summit Fighting Championships

  • To Be Decided (Issac Ware VS John Chitwood)
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  • To Be Decided (Anthony Bain VS Troy Lamson)
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11/22 - Night Of Champions

  • To Be Decided (Matthew Beasley VS Roger Gonzalez)
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11/22 - Trotters Legacy MMA: Redemption

  • To Be Decided (Richard Condon VS TBD)
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11/22 - V3Fights: Neal vs Johnson

  • To Be Decided (braden crowell VS william johnson)
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11/22 - Ringwars 86

  • To Be Decided (Jacobi Branich VS James Davis)
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11/22 - XFO-54

  • To Be Decided (Miodrag Petkovich VS Lorenzo Hood)
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11/22 - King of the Cage: Industrial Strength

  • To Be Decided (Clint Anderson VS Brandon Jenkins)
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