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In March 2008, Mixed Martial Arts LLC. was selected by the Association of Boxing Commissions as the only Official Certified Database for Mixed Martial Arts. You are now at the only Official record in the sport.

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Latest Event Results

10/25 - NFC #69

  • To Be Decided (Xavier Oliviere VS Sam Anderson)
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10/25 - Dakota Fighting Championships

  • To Be Decided (Yancy Cuellar VS Jeremy Stetz)
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10/25 - UFC 179: Aldo vs Mendes II

  • To Be Decided (Chad Mendes VS Jose Aldo)
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10/25 - The Commencement

  • To Be Decided (Jason Perrotta VS Randy McCarty)
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10/25 - Fight Night XV

  • To Be Decided (Da'Quan Blair VS Chase Calloway)
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10/25 - Trinity Kickboxing Championship II

  • To Be Decided (Harley Beekman VS Shedrick Goodridge)
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10/25 - Cage Rage On The River 8

  • To Be Decided (Ryan Shatto VS Erik Villalobos)
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10/24 - Fight to the Finish XI

  • To Be Decided (Bradley Lawrence VS Damian Richardson)
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10/24 - MMAYHEM 2

  • To Be Decided (Sonny Yohn VS Dean Burley)
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10/24 - South Valley Slam

  • To Be Decided (Chet Thomas VS Michael Dillard)
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