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In March 2008, Mixed Martial Arts LLC. was selected by the Association of Boxing Commissions as the only Official Certified Database for Mixed Martial Arts. You are now at the only Official record in the sport.

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Latest Event Results

01/24 - RUMBLE AT RAXX 23

  • To Be Decided (roger sloan VS TBD)
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01/24 - NFC 72

  • To Be Decided (Emmanuel Osho VS Nick Rodrigues)
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01/24 - Winter Brawl

  • To Be Decided (Clarence Jordan VS Dane Sayers)
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01/24 - Iowa Challenge 111

  • To Be Decided (Steven Spaur VS Jaime Medina)
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01/24 - Summit Fighting Championships

  • To Be Decided (Tyler Hill VS Langford Battee)
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01/24 - Fury Fighting Championship 3

  • To Be Decided (Carlos Vergara VS Jonathan Martinez)
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01/24 - UFC on FOX: Gustafsson vs Johnson

  • To Be Decided (Anthony Johnson VS Alexander Gustafsson)
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01/24 - SCL 40

  • To Be Decided (Lucas Dias VS Craig Cordero)
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01/24 - V3Fights: Johnson vs Kennedy

  • To Be Decided (Latral Perdue VS TJ Brown)
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01/24 - Pinnacle Combat XVIII : Legal Beatdown

  • To Be Decided (Jack Edens VS Michael Thrailkill)
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