North American Allied Fight Series Featherweight Title History

Date Title Holder Defeated Event Notes
12/06/2014 Tobiaus Taylor Adli Edwards NAAFS: Caged Vengeance 15
10/04/2014 Frank Caraballo Cody "The Wolverine" Stevens NAAFS: Rock N Rumble 8
12/15/2012 Dominic Mazzotta Wes Hanson NAAFS: Night of Champions 2012
08/04/2012 Frank Caraballo Jeremy Czarnecki NAAFS: Caged Vengeance 11
06/02/2012 Frank Caraballo Antonio Castillo Jr NAAFS: Fight Nite In The Flats VIII
11/23/2011 Mark Cherico Russ Brletrick NAAFS: Night of Champions 2011
12/04/2010 Donny "Eagle Eye" Walker Billy Vaughan NAAFS: Night of Champions 2010
08/28/2010 Donny "Eagle Eye" Walker Mike Nesto NAAFS: Rock N Rumble
12/05/2009 Doug Kulbis Kyle Dolan NAAFS: Night of Champions 2009
12/01/2007 Cody "The Wolverine" Stevens Zach Mumme North American Allied Fight Series: Night of Champions
11/03/2007 Donny "Eagle Eye" Walker Sonny Marchette North American Allied Fight Series: Caged Fury 3