North American Allied Fight Series Welterweight Title History

Date Title Holder Defeated Event Notes
12/06/2014 John Gunther AJ Dobson NAAFS: Caged Vengeance 15
12/07/2013 Josh Krizan Ivan Rodriguez NAAFS: Night of Champions 2013
06/01/2013 Hector Urbina Nick Duell NAAFS: Fight Nite in the Flats 9
10/20/2012 Josh Lasich Emmanuel Kangah NAAFS: Caged Vengeance 12
08/27/2011 Kyle "Alley Cat" Baker Nick Duell NAAFS: Rock n Rumble 5
04/16/2011 Nick Duell Kevin Knabjian NAAFS: Caged Vengeance 9
12/11/2010 Chris Green Reggie Parks NAAFS: Proving Ground Series
12/04/2010 Nick Duell Daniel Head NAAFS: Night of Champions 2010
12/04/2010 George Comer Josh Oppenheimer NAAFS: Night of Champions 2010
08/28/2010 Nick Duell Mickey Hughes NAAFS: Rock N Rumble
06/05/2010 Chris Lozano Jason "Dynamite" Dent NAAFS: Fight Nite in the Flats VI
12/05/2009 Forrest "Thee Meat Cleaver" Petz Brendan Seguin NAAFS: Night of Champions 2009
06/06/2009 Brendan Seguin Ryan Madigan NAAFS: Fight Nite in the Flats 5
12/01/2007 Nick Goldizen Frank Caraballo North American Allied Fight Series: Night of Champions