North American Allied Fight Series Heavyweight Title History

Date Title Holder Defeated Event Notes
03/07/2015 John Hawk Curt Lemmon NAAFS: Caged Vengeance 16
12/07/2013 Antwan Phillips Jeff Hughes NAAFS: Night of Champions 2013
06/04/2011 Stipe Miocic Bobby Brents NAAFS: Fight Nite in the Flats VII
12/04/2010 Nelson Best Rick Day NAAFS: Night of Champions 2010
02/20/2010 John Hawk Joe McCall NAAFS: Caged Fury 9
12/05/2009 Rick Day Jason Rauch NAAFS: Night of Champions 2009
04/03/2009 Jason Riley Justin Black NAAFS: Caged Vengence 4
09/19/2008 Justin Black Joe McCall Columbus Night of Pain 4
12/01/2007 Josh Stansbury Norm Carriero North American Allied Fight Series: Night of Champions
11/03/2007 Joe McCall Dominic Qurazzo North American Allied Fight Series: Caged Fury 3