King of the Cage Lightweight Title History

Date Title Holder Defeated Event Notes
03/15/2015 Alexander Reyes Joshua Aveles King of the Cage: Coming Home
12/04/2014 Alexander Reyes Victor Meza King of the Cage: Fisticuffs
02/22/2014 Bryan Barberena Eric Moon King of the Cage: Radar Lock
09/28/2013 Victor Meza Benny Madrid King of the Cage: Boiling Point
05/25/2013 Victor Meza JC Cottrell King of the Cage: World Champions
04/11/2013 Lowen Tynanes-Perez Kris Armbrister King of the Cage: Devastation
03/02/2013 Aaron Williams Gerald Harvey King of the Cage: Future Legends 13
08/18/2012 Aaron Williams Kurtis Crum King of the Cage: Future Legends 8
06/30/2012 Tony Hervey Buddy Clinton King of the Cage: Aerial Assault
06/02/2012 Aaron Williams Faamaile Malili King of the Cage: Future Legends 7
01/21/2012 Tim "Biz" Means Tyrel Brown King of the Cage: Total Destruction
09/03/2011 Faamaile Malili Aaron Williams King of the Cage: Future Legends 3
04/21/2011 Bobby Green Dominic O'Grady King of the Cage: Moral Victory
12/09/2010 Tim "Biz" Means Dominic O'Grady King Of The Cage: Steel
04/16/2010 Dominic O'Grady Dave Shepherd Bad Boys 2
03/12/2010 Gavin Neil Charlie Zac King of the Cage: Uprising 03/12/2010
12/12/2009 Dave Shepherd Tony Hervey King of the Cage: Title Defense
08/13/2009 Tony Hervey Victor Valenzuela King Of The Cage: Superstars
10/28/2008 Graham Spencer Taylor Scott Joseph Chetman King Of The Cage 10/28/08
10/28/2008 Rory MacDonald Clay French King Of The Cage 10/28/08
08/14/2008 Victor Valenzuela Joe Camacho King of the Cage 8/14/08
11/21/2007 Clay French Jason "The Irish Tornado" Ireland King of the Cage: Bad Boys
10/29/2005 Mac Danzig Takumi Nakayama King of the Cage 62: Execution Day