King of the Cage Light-heavyweight Title History

Date Title Holder Defeated Event Notes
10/04/2013 Trevor Prangley Jared Torgeson King of the Cage: Double Impact
05/25/2013 Jonathan Wilson LJ Torres King of the Cage: Future Legends 14
04/13/2013 Trevor Prangley Dan Molina King of the Cage - Fighting Legends
12/20/2012 Trevor Prangley Tony "Kryptonite" Lopez King of the Cage: Vigilante
05/14/2010 Mike "MAK" Kyle Tony "Kryptonite" Lopez King Of the Cage: Honor
08/13/2009 Tony "Kryptonite" Lopez Dave Cryer King Of The Cage: Superstars
07/18/2009 Bill "The Butcher" Mahood Bill Mesi King Of The Cage 7/18/09
06/19/2009 Tony "Kryptonite" Lopez Chad Herrick King Of The Cage: Encore
05/16/2009 Tony "Kryptonite" Lopez Fernando Gonzalez King Of The Cage: Storm
02/26/2009 Tony "Kryptonite" Lopez Keith "KO Kid" Berry King Of The Cage - Immortal
10/16/2008 Tony "Kryptonite" Lopez Fernando Gonzalez King Of The Cage: Misconduct
11/21/2007 James Lee Danny Bessant King of the Cage: Bad Boys