No Mercy Extreme Fighting Lightweight Title History

Date Title Holder Defeated Event Notes
01/17/2015 Adam Vigil Travis Aragon Annihilation 53
05/04/2013 Chance Riggs Ben Rodriguez Annihilation 45
08/27/2011 JT Hudson Chad Romero Ink'd Out Has No Mercy
06/25/2011 Chad Romero Matt "KO" Cano Annihilation 33
06/25/2011 Bryant Craven Ashe Bowman Annihilation 33
03/11/2011 Chad Romero Drew "Spidermonkey" Lipton Clash of the Titan 9
01/15/2011 Mickey Koonce Mike Siedelberg Annihilation 31
05/15/2010 Andre Harrison Jeff Estrada Annihilation 26
10/24/2009 Nick "The Natural" Laney Ricardo McKeney Clash of the Titans 5
07/25/2009 Andre Harrison Mickey Koonce Clash of the Titans 4
06/19/2009 Mike Suksi Adam Soto No Mercy Extreme Fighting : Annihilation 17
05/16/2009 JT Hudson Andrew Yates No Mercy Extreme Fighting: Annihilation 16
04/09/2009 Mike Suksi Bruce Ries Annihilation 15
02/14/2009 Josiah Callis Kyle Johnson Clash of the Titans