No Mercy Extreme Fighting Welterweight Title History

Date Title Holder Defeated Event Notes
01/17/2015 George Chandler Donald Bonini Annihilation 53
01/18/2014 Art Duran Andrew Hathaway No Mercy
03/22/2013 Mike Siedelberg Nolan Mclaughlin Annihilation 44
10/13/2012 Brian Maronek Jose Munoz Made for War
09/15/2012 Nolan Mclaughlin Travis Aragon Annihilation 42
03/24/2012 Malcomb Vrecenar Vince Abachechi Annihilation 39
06/25/2011 Lenny Atkinson Jr. Zach Falk Annihilation 33
04/02/2011 Troy Mumme Travis Aragon Annihilation 32
09/17/2010 Josh Cavan Matt Cox Annihilation 28
04/03/2010 Rocky Johnson Vincent "Vinny" Vigil Annihilation XXV
03/13/2010 Valentine Marquez Michael Martinez Clash of the Titans 7
01/29/2010 Scott Cleve Levi Weikel-Magden Annihilation XXIII
12/05/2009 Tamboura Gerl Matt Cox Clash of the Titans 6
09/18/2009 Levi Weikel-Magden Bruce Ries Annihilation 19
09/18/2009 Jay Jackson Brian Martinez Annihilation 19
07/25/2009 Ali Hanjani Travis Connors Clash of the Titans 4