No Mercy Extreme Fighting Middleweight Title History

Date Title Holder Defeated Event Notes
09/07/2013 Malcomb Vrecenar Josh Watson Annihilation 47
10/13/2012 Canaan Grigsby Andrew Lipp Made for War
09/17/2011 Justin Guthrie Gilbert Smith Annihilation 34
06/25/2011 TJ Nunnaley Tyrone Wright Annihilation 33
11/12/2010 TJ Nunnaley Bobby Kpa Annihilation 30
08/07/2010 Lumumba Sayers Justin Guthrie Annihilation 27
05/15/2010 Gilbert Smith Josh Cole Annihilation 26
03/13/2010 Gilbert Smith Nick Meyer Clash of the Titans 7
09/18/2009 Forrest Clouse Kreg Hartle Annihilation 19
02/14/2009 Ken Kreuscher Forrest Clouse Clash of the Titans