3:16 Productions Featherweight Title History

Date Title Holder Defeated Event Notes
03/14/2015 Robin White Micheal Murphy Ascend Combat: Nothing Personal 3
10/11/2014 Roderrick Walker Tony Cruz Ascend Combat: Madness 4
12/14/2013 Robin White Mike Green Ascend Combat Season's Beatings 5
08/03/2013 Mike Green Robin White Ascend Combat Chaos 3
05/11/2013 Mike Green Chase Johnson Ascend Combat Mayhem 3
12/08/2012 Ariel Jaurez Ross Stevens Ascend Combat Season's Beatings 4
12/10/2011 Stephen Banaszak Jeremy Moore Ascend Combat: Season's Beatings 3
05/14/2011 Jeremy Cudillo Cameron Dixon Ascend Combat Mayhem 05/14/11
12/03/2010 Booker Arthur Ariel Jaurez Ascend Combat Season's Beatings 2
06/26/2010 Kevin Aguilar Gerzan Chaw The Rise of a Warrior