Full Contact Fighting Federation Featherweight Title History

Date Title Holder Defeated Event Notes
06/13/2015 Kevin Boehm Nathan Sarate Rumble At the Roseland 82
06/13/2015 Leanne Foster April Santa Anna Rumble At the Roseland 82
04/18/2015 Dave Robison Kevin Boehm Rumble @ the Roseland 81
04/05/2014 Jess Moore David "Kid Kryptonite" Converse Rumble at the Roseland 77
11/02/2013 Gustavo Bessa Steven Southern Battle At The Mountain
11/02/2013 Leanne Foster Kirsten Allen Battle At The Mountain
12/15/2012 Jason Gray Kevin Walker Rumble @ the Roseland 68
11/10/2012 Jason Gray Joaquin Rodrigues Rumble @ the Roseland 67
07/21/2012 Sean "Suga" Soliz Damon Jordan Rumble @ the Roseland 64
03/10/2012 Damon Jordan Travis Sue Rumble @ the Roseland 62
08/27/2011 Justin Mark Josh Spencer Caged on the Coast 5
03/26/2011 Justin Mark Tyler Hayes Caged on the Coast 4
08/28/2010 Justin Mark John "Pretty Boy" Alden Rumble @ the Roseland 53
05/01/2010 John "Pretty Boy" Alden Blane Nuttall Caged on the Coast
03/06/2010 John "Pretty Boy" Alden Tyler Baley Full Contact Fighting Federation: Rumble at the Roseland 50
01/16/2010 John "Pretty Boy" Alden Chris Beacock Full Contact Fighting Federation: Rumble at the Roseland 49