Fight Lab Promotions, LLC Featherweight Title History

Date Title Holder Defeated Event Notes
02/08/2014 Trey Singleton Ivan Grijalva Fight Lab 35: Misery Loves Company 6
11/16/2013 Matthew "Pretty Boy" Probin Zach Sharpe Fight Lab 34: Misery Loves Company 5
07/27/2013 Roya Darvishian Hannah Cifers Fight Lab 32: MMA Cage Fights @ NC Music Factory
01/25/2013 Ivan Grijalva Adam Ronsick Fight Lab 30: MMA Cage Fights
10/12/2012 Solon Staley Lawrence Dennis Fight Lab 27: Shaw AFB Cage Fights
07/19/2012 Solon Staley Jarrod Miller Fight Lab 26: MMA Cage Fights @ Coyote Joe's
03/30/2012 Solon Staley Mike Powell Fight Lab 22: Shaw AFB MMA Cage Fights
12/08/2011 Solon Staley Daniel Sandlin Fight Lab 19: Title Night @ Coyote Joe's
08/06/2011 Mike Powell Christian Brunetti Fight Lab 16: MMA Cage Fights @ NC Music Factory
10/14/2010 Mike Powell Tyson Harrison FIGHT LAB: MMA Cage Fights at EpiCentre V
07/16/2010 Christian Brunetti Salah Hemidach Cage Fights At The EpiCentre IV
03/26/2010 Nathan Davis Varon Webb Cage Fights At The Epicenter II
11/21/2009 Jason Kilgore Chad Perrine Fight Lab Promotions 11/21/09
10/14/2009 Nathan Davis Andrew Brinton Cage Fights At The Epicenter