Driller Promotions Lightweight Title History

Date Title Holder Defeated Event Notes
02/13/2015 Alex Wiggs Jr Angel Pacheco Driller Promotions: A-Town Throwdown V
12/20/2014 Alex Wiggs Jr Otis Hamilton Driller Promotions: Caged Chaos at Canterbury 6
04/26/2014 Cameron Gilliam Alex Wiggs Jr Driller Promotions: Mecca 4 - Premier MMA at Muse Event Center
01/11/2014 Dan Kiser Billy Christianson Driller Promotions: MECCA 3 - Premier MMA
12/14/2013 Jordan Parsons Damien Hill Driller Promotions: Caged Chaos at Canterbury 4
09/20/2013 Cameron Gilliam Lydell Miller Driller Promotions and SEG: Chaos at Canterbury 3
01/26/2013 Cameron Gilliam Brandon Gardner Driller Promotions and SEG: Downtown Showdown 12
06/23/2012 John Castaneda Brandon Gardner Downtown Showdown 7
03/03/2012 John Castaneda Mitchell Field Downtown Showdown 3
01/06/2012 John Castaneda Marcel Andersen Downtown Showdown 2
11/05/2011 Kazim Khan Benjamin Bachtle Evolution at Epic