Budo Fights Flyweight Title History

Date Title Holder Defeated Event Notes
05/09/2015 Kelly Vilarino Shahailea Brooks Budo Fights 12
10/20/2012 Emily Corso Amy Montenegro Budofights 9: Budo-Frights
10/20/2012 Alex Corrales BJ Sannicolas Budofights 9: Budo-Frights
03/03/2012 Janna Piper Amy Montenegro Budofights: MMArch MMAdness
05/14/2011 Liz McCarthy Sarah Lagerstrom Budo Fights 5: Fists and Flowers
05/14/2011 Robin Woods Janna Piper Budo Fights 5: Fists and Flowers
01/08/2011 Liz McCarthy Shawnee Merrell Budo Fights: Resilience