Fight To Win Middleweight Title History

Date Title Holder Defeated Event Notes
01/25/2013 Jeremy Kimball Drew McFedries Paramount Prize Fighting 2013
01/25/2013 Andrew Lipp Don Westman Paramount Prize Fighting 2013
11/02/2012 Nick Brown Jeff Estrada Monsters Brawl
09/14/2012 Canaan Grigsby Reed O'Malley The Warriors
01/27/2012 Jeremy Kimball Jason Lee Paramount Prize Fighting
05/14/2011 Cody Mumma Zach Walsh Outlaws
04/17/2010 Chaun Sims Michael Fleniken, Jr. WAR 4/17/10
11/20/2009 Jeremy Kimball Jason Lee LOADED
10/17/2009 James Holmes Andre Kavanaugh Fight 2 Win
07/10/2009 Jeremy Kimball Nick Meyer ROUND 2
03/14/2009 Ian Berg Zachary Johnson COLORADO VS NEBRASKA