Dead Serious MMA Featherweight Title History

Date Title Holder Defeated Event Notes
03/14/2015 Fabian Rosario Kyle Lynch Ring of Combat 20
10/04/2014 Jack Cordero Nestor Negroni, Jr. Dead Serious MMA Promotions 12
05/31/2014 Diego Lopez Mike Guarneri Dead Serious 11
05/31/2014 Jack Cordero Adam Que Dead Serious 11
12/14/2013 Sergio DeBari Mike Guarneri Dead Serious MMA 9
06/08/2013 Aldo Oranvil Jack Cordero Dead Serious 7: Night of Champions
06/08/2013 Ricky Bandejas Joshua Armstrong Dead Serious 7: Night of Champions
10/27/2012 Ricky Bandejas Erly Abrigo Dead Serious V
10/27/2012 Mark Fileccia Mark Agnew Dead Serious V
05/26/2012 Shane Burgos RJ Starace Dead Serious 4
12/17/2011 Daniel Carbonel RJ Starace Dead Serious Two
10/29/2011 RJ Starace Mark Agnew Dead Serious MMA Amateurs