Brutaal Genesis Iowa Bantamweight Title History

Date Title Holder Defeated Event Notes
07/25/2015 Deatra Brandel Marjie Devries Fight Night at the Laramar 8
04/18/2015 Nate Smith Chuck Cook Back in the Barn / Boone County Fairgrounds
12/21/2013 Cody Sheehy Mike Helle Shenanigans Fight Night 4: Christmas Beatdown
07/13/2013 Antonio Castillo Mike Helle Fight Night at the Laramar 2
04/06/2013 Antonio Castillo Ryan Fitzgerald Larimar Fight Night 1
12/22/2012 Antonio Castillo Adam Packer Shenanigans Christmas Throwdown
08/24/2012 Adam Packer Brad Austin Boone Fight Night