World Fighting Championships Welterweight Title History

Date Title Holder Defeated Event Notes
02/07/2015 Zach Bunnell Cory Hall WFC 34 MMA at GSR Reno,NV
12/12/2014 Cory Hall James Nava WFC 32 MMA and Muay Thai in Reno
10/12/2014 Cory Hall Robert Jimenez WFC 29 - Downtown Beatdown
06/28/2014 James Nava Justin Gragg WFC 24
03/23/2014 Justin Driggers Anthony Browder WFC 19 - Downtown Beatdown
01/17/2014 Zach Bunnell Sonny Singh WFC 16: Grand Sierra Resort
08/17/2013 Anthony Browder Michael Lavell WFC 10: Fury of Heat
01/12/2013 Corey Carlson Justin McClain WFC: World Fighting Championships II
03/22/2008 Waachiim Spiritwolf Danny Ruiz World Fighting Championships: Battle in the Bay