Gladiator Challenge Heavyweight Title History

Date Title Holder Defeated Event Notes
11/22/2014 Daylin Murray Tommy "Hands of Stone" Stokes Gladiator Challenge - Season's Beatings
07/19/2014 Tommy "Hands of Stone" Stokes James Johnson Gladiator Challenge - Night of Champions
12/11/2011 Josh Appelt Robert Jackson Gladiator Challenge: Mega Stars
05/21/2011 Robert Jackson Ruben "Warpath" Villareal Gladiator Challenge - Warpath
07/17/2010 Angel DeAnda Josh Appelt Gladiator Challenge: Patriots
09/25/2009 Drew Montgomery Anthony Vargas Gladiator Challenge: Blood Brothers
09/07/2008 Dave Huckaba Robert Jackson Gladiator Challenge 84: Bad Blood
05/11/2007 Dave Huckaba Andy Lee Cantrell Gladiator Challenge 63: CRACKDOWN