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It looks like the powers that be won't let us see Roy Jones Jr. vs Anderson Silva anytime soon. In the meantime, here is some video of IFL Champ Jay Hieron and former IBF and WBO Heavyweight Champ Chris Byrd sparring at the UNLV Boxing Gym earlier today. This is round 1 of 5. We'll get the other rounds up tomorrow. Chris is moving to the Light Heavyweight (175lbs) division and will be the Main Event of ESPN's Friday Night Fights May 16th.

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Tomato Can site profile image  

5/1/08 10:27 AM by Tomato Can

Dawson/Byrd would be a less brutal version of Klitchko/Byrd that would probably go to a decision. Dawson via 12 rounds of potshotting.

NHB_MEX site profile image  

5/1/08 3:34 AM by NHB_MEX

Chad would have to outwork Chris (if he could catch him). Chris is an excellent counterpuncher and there's no way in hell Chad outboxes Chris.

Chappie site profile image  

5/1/08 3:18 AM by Chappie

I have never been a huge Byrd fan, but even taking into consideration the fact that Chris is far past his prime, I don't see Chad dominating anything.

Tomato Can site profile image  

4/30/08 9:51 AM by Tomato Can

Please. To beat Dawson you have to get inside and rough him up, and Byrd does not have the style for it. Dawson by utter domination.

Altair site profile image  

4/30/08 9:38 AM by Altair

^^^^a finished byrd beats a young chad

Tomato Can site profile image  

4/29/08 3:55 PM by Tomato Can

LMAO at Byrd beating Chad Dawson. Sorry to say it, but Byrd is finished.

fightfan531 site profile image  

4/29/08 3:45 PM by fightfan531

i don't see jay running at all...he is sticking, moving and using combinations. his striking has really improved and he is implementing it well into his mma game. that being said..there very few mma fighters that are going to outbox a top level pro like byrd who has been boxing since he was probably 12. he might not be able to punch...at least at the heavey weight level but the guy has skills and a chin.also...byrd fought at mw in the olympics..moved up to heavey as a pro.

theken206 site profile image  

4/29/08 12:41 PM by theken206

yall forget its called BOXING, not brawling IMO

thunderguard site profile image  

4/29/08 12:06 PM by thunderguard

they were both on friday night fights about a week or 2 ago.jones said a fight between 2 former hw champs now fighting at LHW would be huge. im pretty sure they are planning a fight.besides that, byrd was throwing only about 50 percent of his power. im pretty sure if he turned it up he could floor jay but who cares! it must be an honor to spar with a former hw world champion. not many of us can say they have done that

StretchPlum site profile image  

4/29/08 11:24 AM by StretchPlum

Working almost pure D is aggressive for Byrd.