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Tags: Jeremy Bullock     Travis Fulton  (detail)    slam     MMA     Mixed Martial Arts    

This one has it all! Taekwondo vs MMA, Jeremy Bullock's butt in a bind, a flying sidekick, Travis Fulton, the dreaded headlock hold, and a famous, famous slam. English. 4:40

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KirikMyName! site profile image  

6/26/08 7:21 PM by KirikMyName!

Up there with Hess vs. Anderson as one of the more amusing fights I've ever seen

japetto site profile image  

6/26/08 7:01 PM by japetto

 Jerry's kid slam, IMO.

Taz site profile image  

6/26/08 6:54 PM by Taz

dang that probably explains why he looks like hes methed or cracked out in that fight

chucktownbrown site profile image  

6/26/08 5:12 PM by chucktownbrown

first time i watched this i thought to myself, damn i coulda taken that guy out.

FERA BRABA site profile image  

6/26/08 2:59 PM by FERA BRABA

If I'm not mistaken Extreme Challenge is still going and they just had EC99 recently.

Mrbrownfolks site profile image  

6/26/08 1:31 PM by Mrbrownfolks

I think monte was the promoter for EC. Someone came on here and told the story. The guy had been bothering him and begging for a fight. He was a TMA who was delusional about his fight skills. After repeated requests, he was thrown in with fulton where he was supposed to go light with him and sub him. Fulton could have killed the guy if he kept it standing.

Ausgepicht site profile image  

6/26/08 12:37 PM by Ausgepicht

A classic.

gyruss site profile image  

6/26/08 12:30 PM by gyruss

I'm at work and can't see it, but I take it that it's the flying kick guy video where he gets a headlock and gets slammed and stretchered out?I see varying stories as to what happened to him - some say he recoverd and fought like a year later, others say he never fought again.But yea - awesome clip.Edit - It isn't like the promoter FORCED the guy to do it. He knew what he was getting into and thought his TKD was worthy of fighting in the cage - the poor guy probably spent countless years on it only to realize one second too late that all of the flying kicks and head locks in the world cannot beat strength and standard wrestling ability.

dantheman2 site profile image  

6/26/08 11:53 AM by dantheman2

Still one of the best mma clips of all time. A real life choke slam to expose some mcdojo in the early days of mma.

chucktownbrown site profile image  

6/26/08 11:43 AM by chucktownbrown

i used to have this dvd