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8/1/08 2:27 PM by xakx

I thought she was very close to a few submissions...Cyborg is just strong... i don't think her MMA skills are that great... with that said i think Gina has a chance.

DargonTaint site profile image  

7/30/08 4:40 PM by DargonTaint

Cyborg put a horrible beating on her. She was never close to anything there not even that toehold which is really impressive since she is so good at catchwrestling influenced sub grappling. You could tell she's never faced someone that punches that crisp before.

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7/30/08 4:08 PM by xakx


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7/29/08 2:51 PM by liquidrob

great fight, but everyone blaming the refafter cyborg dorpped shayna, she already started walking away, the ref didnt touch her until she already turnedthat was cyborgs fault

HubertCumberdale site profile image  

7/29/08 2:37 PM by HubertCumberdale

Why was that tranny beating up that little girl?

wrestler189 site profile image  

7/29/08 2:34 PM by wrestler189

good fightnice toehold...thing of beauty

dking site profile image  

7/29/08 2:04 PM by dking

fantastic fight - Cyborg's a monster & Shayna showed her heart & ability to use technique when getting dominated

buvaiser site profile image  

7/29/08 12:13 PM by buvaiser

how is shayna doing? i'd love for her come on here to give an update of her condition and explain what happened.also it'd be great to hear from cyborg.

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7/29/08 12:11 PM by xakx


ChokeEmOut site profile image  

7/28/08 5:58 PM by ChokeEmOut

 I'd be surprised if EliteXC matched Cyborg vs Carano. Carano would come in, not make weight, get to fight anyway and unless the fight was a work Carano would get beaten into a living death. Hell, i'd pay for that PPV.