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Weirdest mma fighter ever!

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eyegore site profile image  

8/18/08 12:48 PM by eyegore

Joe son is the weirdest. Those these guys are close.

KenFlo=#1P4P site profile image  

8/18/08 11:21 AM by KenFlo=#1P4P


NJstileNJ site profile image  

8/18/08 9:11 AM by NJstileNJ


Misedukatd site profile image  

8/18/08 8:49 AM by Misedukatd

Wow, I can't believe I never saw that before; I was sure this was going to be a Datsik thread.

Ryan G site profile image  

8/18/08 5:24 AM by Ryan G

IIRC, he retired after that 3 on 3 tag team match to go to art school. Haven't heard a damn thing about him since.Definitely the weirdest motherfucker in MMA history. He even made Yano look confused.

KenFlo=#1P4P site profile image  

8/18/08 5:09 AM by KenFlo=#1P4P

 more people need to see this guy lol

KenFlo=#1P4P site profile image  

8/14/08 11:57 AM by KenFlo=#1P4P

 ttt for umeki! wonder what that guy is doing now? I think he decided not to do mma and rather go to college where's ryan g when you need him?

Aokisgirlfriend site profile image  

8/13/08 5:40 PM by Aokisgirlfriend


QTyp site profile image  

8/13/08 4:28 PM by QTyp

Umeki is the man. I love how he raises his arms in victory after a takedown.

In The Clinch site profile image  

8/13/08 12:02 PM by In The Clinch

Datsik immediately came to mind before I clicked the thread. Also, I still laugh every time I think about Luke Cummo fighting Edilberto "Crocota" de Oliveira. Crocota is a character to say the least.