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Judo vs wrestling? Trigg? (1:53)

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SD CARTEL site profile image  

11/4/09 11:21 PM by SD CARTEL

"You gotta laugh at those raggy purple shorts Bas wore for most his pancase fights."3 zones of death?

Hoosier Fight Cl site profile image  

11/4/09 8:27 PM by Hoosier Fight Cl


Granpa site profile image  

11/4/09 2:45 PM by Granpa

Jebus how old is that? Great find.

ferox13 site profile image  

11/4/09 1:55 PM by ferox13

You gotta laugh at those raggy purple shorts Bas wore for most his pancase fights.

bam57bam site profile image  

11/4/09 1:32 PM by bam57bam

Well shit, Trigg getting choked out again.

truewrestler site profile image  

11/4/09 12:07 PM by truewrestler


ECWCock site profile image  

3/31/09 12:15 AM by ECWCock

 Classic gold for sure.

SD CARTEL site profile image  

3/30/09 11:58 PM by SD CARTEL

Nah, this vid wouldn't bother him. Look what he's accomplished. Shoot, this match probably was apart of what made him so successful.

Ponyboy site profile image  

3/30/09 11:57 PM by Ponyboy

Like any other true fighter, Frank learned from this big time.I'm sure the vid doesn't even bother him anymore.

Ryase site profile image  

3/30/09 11:25 PM by Ryase

Damn, I feel bad for Trigg.Bet he wouldn't mind a rematch.