Logo   Amaury Bitteti vs Royler Gracie
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BJJ. (3:10)

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HoldYerGround site profile image  

12/8/09 9:07 PM by HoldYerGround

Great grip fighting from both.

KNJacobs site profile image  

12/8/09 8:29 PM by KNJacobs

Man I've been looking for this video. Amaury is one of my favorite Jiu-Jitsu players of all time. I trained with him earlier this year and he's still a beast on the mat. The first 2-Time Mundial Absolute Champion, the guy is awesome. Good match, it actually adds to show how good Royler was in his prine as well.

MarsMan site profile image  

9/14/08 6:31 PM by MarsMan

 I hate the sound track (as usual)

sasquatch site profile image  

9/14/08 1:14 PM by sasquatch

Royler was one of the few bJJers light weights(145lbs) back then that would fight in the open/absolute. Royler was a warrior on the mats.Does anyone have the match between Royler and Marcio Feitosa that they could post? I had a video tape copy that had highlights of that match, but lost it years ago.

cumprido1 site profile image  

9/8/08 3:58 PM by cumprido1

Sperry is 750 and 1.Of course he won!

shen site profile image  

9/8/08 1:46 PM by shen


InvisiblePinkUni site profile image  

9/7/08 7:02 PM by InvisiblePinkUni

Who won the sperry -Saulo??

ooa site profile image  

9/7/08 6:45 PM by ooa

stallfest worse than judokaz NOGI ver. plez

VincentVega site profile image  

9/7/08 12:15 PM by VincentVega

Thanks for posting!

jjd site profile image  

9/6/08 4:16 AM by jjd

 CLASSIC!! I was lucky enough to be there and see it live. The cool thing was that was the semifinal of the absolute and they stopped and cleared all the mats for that match, and Saulo vs Ze Mario. The crowd was going nuts as it was so loud in there.. Good times!