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Just saw this off of Mike Fowler's site: MikeFowler.tv, and I enjoyed it.

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Nitecrawler site profile image  

12/1/08 9:56 AM by Nitecrawler

4 later

Elias Cepeda site profile image  

12/1/08 9:35 AM by Elias Cepeda

hahaha! That's right :) Have a great day bro  

thebasher site profile image  

12/1/08 3:21 AM by thebasher

LOL - you got me !! Cue the music

Eddy Payeur site profile image  

12/1/08 12:26 AM by Eddy Payeur


Elias Cepeda site profile image  

12/1/08 12:23 AM by Elias Cepeda

Dude, I respect you but you always play up everything that happens... :)  

1st Rnd KO site profile image  

11/30/08 11:42 PM by 1st Rnd KO


thebasher site profile image  

11/30/08 6:11 PM by thebasher

can't believe my post got deleted - so much for free speech

FFAmike site profile image  

11/28/08 10:58 PM by FFAmike


Empire site profile image  

11/28/08 6:40 PM by Empire

best part:"never look down on somebody, unless you are going to pick them up."for real, that is golden advice. props to his mother.lloyd's team is one of if not the top team in the states.haters will hate, and you may be annoyed, but the proof is in the pudding. the guy produces and he will wax that ass if you test him.

bhealthy site profile image  

11/28/08 6:16 PM by bhealthy

master lloyd is still the best in the usa!!