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Jason Chambers and others interviewed on the truth about the rubber guard

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TheShiznit site profile image  

1/25/09 11:48 AM by TheShiznit

Like Joe Rogan said "Stop Hatin"

Brandon Quick site profile image  

11/29/08 8:03 PM by Brandon Quick

aint got a clue! im new here from hollywood....google it

Sir Lawrence site profile image  

11/29/08 5:38 PM by Sir Lawrence

Hey Brandon how far are you from Crowley. I have some relatives up there and will visit them later next year maybe I can drop by and train and try some RG stuff sounds interesting.

Brandon Quick site profile image  

11/29/08 5:28 PM by Brandon Quick

 Jason, want to hear something funny? just had a black belt drop in my gym from brazil. he said he saw eddies rubber guard in brazil! I was appauled and thought it was another 'high guard' excuse. then he broke it down to me. he saw it when he got on the computer and looked at it on youtube! LOL

Brandon Quick site profile image  

11/29/08 5:01 PM by Brandon Quick

10th Planet was made for MMA. Don't knock it till you try it is my advice. Especially since in rubber guard we can punch you back:)

Brandon Quick site profile image  

11/29/08 4:59 PM by Brandon Quick

 you have our whole system laid out in front of you in books and dvds. show me your high guard

Brandon Quick site profile image  

11/29/08 4:58 PM by Brandon Quick

Here a few key points I would like to add..1 -Like many have said...where are the instructionals??? Been used in Brazil for years??? only the Go Go and Omo. and not in the same way.2-who made the Crocodiles? Loco Plata? Invisible Collar? Jellyfish? Invisible Gator? Etc... those moves in the RG have been around forever in Brazil? once again can we please see some evidence? of Eddies RG in Brazil? and please dont show me Drysdales attempt at a real marketing stunt. you claim Eddie has great marketing? LOL what about Nth Dimention Rubber Guard?!?!? that is making money off someone else.but like someone said earlier...Robert is a brazilian so there is no stink about it . I SAW with my own eyes (not from a thread) the evolution of his game thru the years by trial and error. SAW him Banana Splitting dudes as a purple and Jellyfishing guys as a black belt. And I certainly didnt jump on a forum and knock any black belt in jiu jitsu and most definitely not as a lower ranking "expert" on jiu jitsu. my own respect for the arts was and is too great.3- EDDIE DIDNT INVENT THE ARMBAR, OMO PLATA, GO GO PLATA OR TWISTERHE INVENTED THE SETUPS. setups guys. setups is all we are talking about. just like Garcia didn't invent the omo plata, single leg, RNC or kneebar.....he invented his own SETUPS.4- i understand your guys' view of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu. its based off of the books and DVDs. when you actually train at 10PJJ we still do basics, sweeps, wrestling, escapes, passes etc. Eddie is a jean jacques machado black belt for crying out loud! you seriously think a jj black just totally left out basics?you just see our system as whats in the books, DVD and whats blasted on youtube. whats more popular and what people want to blast, train and video? an armbar from the guard or an east coast croc?5-MMA and RG? SHINYA AOKI?6-traditionalists complain about no more 10PJJ guys in ADCC or smashing people in MMA. here is a little history lesson. 2003 eddie opened 10PJJ! thats 5 years people!!! when did the Japanese and Brazilians start training subs and opening schools? we dont even have a black belt yet!!! of course you dont see guys in ADCC or american mma who have mastered it. Shinya for example is already a black belt in bjj and judo and applied it. Give it time and you will see 10PJJ ADCC competitors and MMA RG masters. whether you like it or not:)IMO of course...:)

Jason Chambers site profile image  

11/29/08 4:27 PM by Jason Chambers

I look constipated in that opening Youtube clip.: )

ILoveToSuckSwock site profile image  

11/29/08 4:01 PM by ILoveToSuckSwock

What someone needs to do is revolutionize the sprawl. Poor JJ faggets, really hard to work that gay rubber guard when you are getting punched in the face standing isn't it?

travenbjj site profile image  

11/29/08 3:55 PM by travenbjj

 LOL<   rubber guard my ass.   AKA high guard     I am sure Eddie as added things to the high guard, but to say he "invented" the rubber guard is BS in my opinion