Logo   61 Reasons why PRIDE is better than the UFC
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No music but it is interesting at the least. (7:22)

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CAFattack site profile image  

11/30/08 5:02 PM by CAFattack

Typical nuthugger.

DWray site profile image  

11/30/08 3:10 PM by DWray

Some of these are absolutely dumb...SHW division for Mark Hunt, a guy who can make 265 easily?LOL @ two reasons being the first gogoplata and anaconda choke.The one following that at 2:26 doesn't really make sense.Fighters will never fight twice in one night in the UFC? Makes sense... if you forget about the original UFCs.Using the fence to win your matches is cheating? LOL. If a fighter attempted to grab the ropes in Pride, his hand would get caught between them. EVERY time. Duh.UFC has forced Paulo Filho in WEC? Yes, because that was the UFC and not Zuffa. And because Filho did so great in the WEC and dominated everyone.There were a ton more, but I got bored.

Nickman9000 site profile image  

11/30/08 3:02 PM by Nickman9000

 They say the Pride belts are of higher wuality, yet they are held on with velcro instead of buttons. I agree with everything else. Sucks UFC iis cancelled in Japan.

logikt site profile image  

11/30/08 2:57 PM by logikt

I stopped watching when it said"The fighters were paid more in Pride"

Mad Xyientist site profile image  

11/30/08 2:54 PM by Mad Xyientist

 popcorn time

Kai Tremeche site profile image  

11/30/08 2:53 PM by Kai Tremeche

Exactly, no one cares anymore.Besides, Giant Silva and Sentoru is worse than anything the UFC has put out in the last 10 years.

Justinmacd site profile image  

11/30/08 2:49 PM by Justinmacd

Who cares anymore. PRIDE has been dead for like 2 years.

MarkedCard site profile image  

11/30/08 2:43 PM by MarkedCard

And there is more...they've taken it beyond pissing on beds to drinking pis, and eating semen.  THAT is putting it all on the line as warriors.

CAFattack site profile image  

11/30/08 1:45 PM by CAFattack

But UFC created Chris Leben ! ! ! !

kruid site profile image  

11/30/08 1:42 PM by kruid

No music but it is interesting at the least