Logo   Denis Kang vs. Joe Doerksen TKO Fight
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Awesome fight.

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JTMcCarthy site profile image  

12/3/08 9:30 PM by JTMcCarthy

Joe is a great guy and has more knowledge than anyone here realizes in regards to our sport. And I thought our commentary was pretty good actually.TKO will be missed in alot of aspects, we all have memories, some good, some bad but it was all interesting and entertaining.J.T.

Foos site profile image  

12/3/08 8:52 PM by Foos

Showdown seems like an alright guy to me.Why the hate?

Family Jules site profile image  

12/3/08 8:52 PM by Family Jules

awesome fight. Kang was pretty green back then. it would be a different story now.

Justinmacd site profile image  

12/3/08 8:50 PM by Justinmacd

That's that Showdown Joe douche from Sportsnet commentating.

Foos site profile image  

12/3/08 8:43 PM by Foos


Foos site profile image  

12/2/08 10:43 PM by Foos

Great Idea

white belt site profile image  

12/2/08 10:25 PM by white belt

Very good fight, I remember talking to Denis after this fight, he hadn't seen it yet. I told him he put on a good show, he said he didn't really remember anything after the that first big shot he took and couldn't wait to watch the tape.

rvboy site profile image  

12/2/08 9:59 PM by rvboy

I'm thinking UFC rematch might be good.

Mike Russell site profile image  

12/2/08 9:34 PM by Mike Russell


Foos site profile image  

12/2/08 8:51 PM by Foos

Great fight. Thanks for the vid