Logo   Jim Miller Training w/ Dan Miller for Matt Wiman
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Mike Constantino aka Conman22 brought in a heavy hitter to train with Jim.

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NorthFromHere site profile image  

12/9/08 5:05 AM by NorthFromHere

lol @ the reporting live from the RNC.Good shit garv.

Greg Southworth site profile image  

12/9/08 4:34 AM by Greg Southworth

ttt for WIMAN!!!TUL$A

Andrew Montanez site profile image  

12/8/08 7:47 PM by Andrew Montanez

 you got your ass whooped!

nastarovya site profile image  

12/8/08 7:42 PM by nastarovya

I saw Dan other day. He said he was dropping to 155 to stop jim from puttin on clinics

tjmitch site profile image  
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12/8/08 5:49 PM by tjmitch

TTT for The Garv...

Fabes site profile image  

12/6/08 7:57 PM by Fabes

Who said Dan was 155? ttt for AMA & The Miller Bros.

riceavenger site profile image  

12/6/08 5:46 PM by riceavenger

Dan is 185, not 155.

Fabes site profile image  

12/6/08 1:39 PM by Fabes

Good stuff. Can't wait for this fight. Two of my favorite 55ers.

Kostakio site profile image  

12/6/08 1:36 PM by Kostakio

That's awesome that they allowed footage of them training. A lot of fighters are so secretive about it. That just shows their confidence and obviously "coolness". :)Also, where can I find one of those masks Dan was wearing in case Mike Constantino does decide to soccer kick me??And LMAO @ "No, I'm not alright"!

LifeType1 site profile image  

12/6/08 1:23 PM by LifeType1

miller time