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...didn't go so well. (3:02)

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Earl Bonds site profile image  

12/11/08 2:35 PM by Earl Bonds

did you guys see that brawl at that mma event in holland that melvin was cornering?some douche roller in the crowd was yelling shit and pushed melvins friend on the way back to the locker room. Manhoef proceeded to tuck him into bed and read him a betime story.6, i repeat, 6 guys tried to jump manhoef and he went fucking ape shit on them. He fucking mauled all 6 of them at once. he threw like 45 haymakers in 5 seconds. there was blood all over his shirt and the floors when it was over.its on youtube somewheres, i will find it. same thing would happen to fedor.

Diego stole my name site profile image  

12/11/08 1:07 PM by Diego stole my name

Fedor would beat the dogshit out of Melvin in any scenarioBut just for reference. Melvin has spent time in prison. I have heard for murder but im not sure so wont speculate. The same source told me he used to be an enforcer for Hells Angels

GladiatorGannon site profile image  

12/11/08 12:55 PM by GladiatorGannon

melvin might very well come out first. i can see melvins unconcious body being flung out the door, while Fedor sits down to finsih his bottle of vodka.

GladiatorGannon site profile image  

12/11/08 12:52 PM by GladiatorGannon

kickboxing matches aren't streetfights either. BTW - Fedor grew up rock poor in a really tough area of Russia, where you fight CONSTANTLY. probably has much more "street experience" than Melvin.

Earl Bonds site profile image  

12/11/08 12:10 PM by Earl Bonds

lollock Manhoef and Fedor in a bar and see who comes out the doors first.

Rali site profile image  

12/11/08 12:08 PM by Rali

He may be the baddest mofo ever in KICKBOXING, but the title of baddest mofo ever goes to Fedor.

the dazzle site profile image  

12/11/08 10:43 AM by the dazzle

doesnt mean shit. he is a kickboxer. and he IS the baddest mother fucker EVER!

spg site profile image  

12/11/08 9:50 AM by spg

Is he fighting Joe Son?

DJStudd site profile image  

12/11/08 9:45 AM by DJStudd

"Lee Murray over Tito in a street fight but not an MMA fight"thats a very bold prediction, you think something like that could ever happen ?

Earl Bonds site profile image  

12/11/08 9:27 AM by Earl Bonds

^^^^I pick Manhoef over Fedor in a street fight and not an mma fight for the same reasons I would pickLee Murray over Tito in a street fight but not an MMA fightMMA fights arent actual fights, they are sport, street fights are real fights