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Royce Gracie v.s. Kimo Leopoldo at UFC 3

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Roberto99 site profile image  

2/1/09 1:32 PM by Roberto99

The sport has evolved, think about the phrase for a while, yes sport wise it has, nhb has decreased due to regulations, time limits, judges decisions, yellow cards, pay per view tv, come on.....today its athleticism, ufc1,2,3 and a few others was styles and courage, judokas may be good at judo but with a fist in their nose or a knee on their ribs....it s different, suppose for example that remco pardoel had been called out by you guys, hughe guy, strong, european champion.....come on look at facts.

Ne Jajibbara site profile image  

1/16/09 5:32 PM by Ne Jajibbara

Sad... but so true.He was getting his asskicked by tiny Tokoro even before he came back to fight Hughes. The sport has evolved and passed him by long ago.

lelo site profile image  

1/16/09 4:58 PM by lelo

well said.

Crazy Zimmerman site profile image  

1/16/09 4:52 PM by Crazy Zimmerman

 I've wondered about this too. Grabbing the ponytail was a big help. I think Kimo was just a naturally strong maniac in there and he basically twitched Royce off of him. 

Truemanc3 site profile image  

1/16/09 4:50 PM by Truemanc3

Royce is very brave.... this was a time we would watch MMA and think someone might die...lol!I love Royce and have so much respect for him.Those guys are why the whole game exists today.Only a noob would compare him to todays champs and not give him the respect he deserves.Noobs dont remember what an impact he made..... this skinny kid beating all these monsters was just unheard of then.Royce gave weight away and also competed in tornaments...i.e against many guys in one night... and won!

Stone Rolled site profile image  

1/16/09 4:18 PM by Stone Rolled

Come on, if you didn't know BJJ to avoid those triangles, armbars, kimuras, rear naked extensively, you're screwed in the cage. This is exactly what happened to everyone back than. Remember I'm talking about back than. Ken Shamrock, Dan Severn, all ended up the same, losing to Royce by submission. I'm not saying no one else wouldn't have a chance. You just gotta train BJJ first. Than you can stuff someone like Royce. The elite judo players back than simply weren't doing that. And they would've been submitted by Royce eventually.

Polonista site profile image  

1/16/09 10:54 AM by Polonista

no. back then Ben Spikjers was past his prime, 40-something ex-judoka (with one olympic bronze), who decided to earn some additional money in MMA. also, back then, Dave Doulliet was current (at the time) 125kg, 192cm judo monster in his prime, with the following accomplishments:- 93/95/97 - four time judo world champion (twice in 95, as he also won openweight category)- 92 bronze/96 gold/00 gold - 3 time judo olympic medalist.If you believe that this man had no chances against UFC1 Royce, then you're totally brainwashed. And this is just one man, there are several other judo, sambo, wrestling and kickboxing champions, who would give UFC1 fighters run for their money. The thing is - there were superior martial artists back then. They just didn't bother to compete with Art Jimmerson, Ken Shamrock and Royce in the cage, cause this even was totally unknown. And many people here have been made to think that UFC1 represented pinnacle of the martial sports back then. But it didn't.

THATSCRAPTASTIC site profile image  

1/16/09 9:50 AM by THATSCRAPTASTIC

good post

JOB site profile image  

1/16/09 8:53 AM by JOB

Can't remember brother, I'd have to watch them again.

Stone Rolled site profile image  

1/16/09 5:59 AM by Stone Rolled

Coulda Woulda Shoulda. I'm not so sure these Judo World medalists could defeat Royce. Remember champion Judoka Ben Spijkers? Renzo fucking crushed him and made him his bitch. Back than, is different from now. That was back than. Back than the judokas and the rest of the world just aren't familiar with MMA. They just knew their own fight sport. Boxers knew boxing. Judokas knew Judo. That's it. Judokas gonna turtle up in the UFC, this is how they do back than. It's their instinct. They weren't the MMA trained Judokas of now.