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Jay Hieron trains with Jake Bonacci at Xtreme Couture MMA in prep for his upcoming fight on the 24th Affliction card. Training session was an hour long with 40 second rest periods.

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Kneejerk site profile image  

1/20/09 1:17 PM by Kneejerk

Nice. (Love conditionng videos!)

point312 site profile image  

1/20/09 12:50 PM by point312

you wear shoes on the mats....

m0n site profile image  

1/20/09 11:52 AM by m0n

Cool, thanks for the reply. and to everyone else too, thanks.

napalmstyle site profile image  

1/20/09 11:46 AM by napalmstyle

That was intense!!!

drewfickett1 site profile image  

1/20/09 11:17 AM by drewfickett1

motivating stuff...good luck jay!

The Guy That KO'd Kimbo site profile image  

1/20/09 11:06 AM by The Guy That KO'd Kimbo


Hardcharger site profile image  

1/20/09 10:42 AM by Hardcharger

Unable to take GSP down and getting repeatedly smashed in the face with jabs and straight right hands is about as far from a fluke as you can get. That doesn't mean Hieron isn't UFC caliber, though. I agree that he is. I enjoy his fights.

Bry Bry site profile image  

1/20/09 12:12 AM by Bry Bry

im not the type of guy that yells out fluke when fighter A beats fighter b but when GSP beat hieron like he did, that is about as close to being flukish as you can possibly get..if they fought 20 more times Gsp wouldnt get another ko like that...im not saying hieron would win every time but he could beat gsp....hieron has top level wrestling, good hands, great cardio, very well roudned...he needs to be in the ufc bottom line..after affliction collapses(i hope they dont), hopefully the ufc will pick him up..

BODYBYBONACCI site profile image  

1/20/09 12:10 AM by BODYBYBONACCI

Jay is holding a "front Plank" on the ball. This is a core exercise. I have him rotate the ball clockwise, counter clockwise, forward, and backward. At the end, when his core is tired, I kick the ball to the point of knocking him off to test his stability. Jay's in great shape, be sure to watch his fight this weekend.

Steak Knife site profile image  

1/19/09 11:38 PM by Steak Knife