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Amazing handspeed and power!

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OzJitsu site profile image  

1/23/09 6:36 AM by OzJitsu

Agreed, scary speed

The78Circus site profile image  

1/23/09 5:09 AM by The78Circus

I remember the basketball game. haha. he came out performing his songs too, not just playing the song, but actually doing a concert right before the fight. hahaRJJ at his peak was the most dominating ever

LoiseauElbow site profile image  

1/23/09 3:39 AM by LoiseauElbow

My favourite fighter ever. So much so, I travelled from England to watch him fight Ruiz and Calzaghe.What a lot of people dont know is that he used to set himself challenges in World Title fights.Against David Telesco he fell off his motorbike 2 weeks before and broke his wrist. Deliberatley told nobody and opened the HBO show by joing a dance routine with the Music Hall dancers in New York.Against Eric Lucas he played a semi pro basketball game, went straight to the arena and won all 12 rounds. He liked Lucas and when he broke his nose early, he avoided landing punches on his nose.He wore a microphone and talked with the HBO team during one fight. I THINK it was the McCallum fight.

williepep site profile image  

1/23/09 2:15 AM by williepep

saw him fight in person once, I have always said it is like watching a real Bruce Lee movie

HELWIG site profile image  

1/23/09 2:05 AM by HELWIG

 You couldnt teach any of the stuff he did.

gusto site profile image  

1/23/09 2:02 AM by gusto

that is exactly what I am saying. Hagler vs Jones in a 15 rounder would be my dream matchup

NorthFromHere site profile image  

1/23/09 2:01 AM by NorthFromHere

Fastest backhand straight ever.

TOWE site profile image  

1/23/09 1:53 AM by TOWE

 ^I might have to agree with that one too...

Sweet Daddy Bear site profile image  

1/23/09 1:51 AM by Sweet Daddy Bear

^So what you're saying is that if you lined up every boxer on there very best day, he was the best. Exactly my argument (not saying you were arguing against me, just pointing out why I call him the best ever.)

gusto site profile image  

1/23/09 1:42 AM by gusto

Best in his prime I have seen. Not the best career, but highest peak